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Tips on getting help past your blocks

By September 17, 2010 Blog
Are you ready to thrive? If it feels like your moving in slow motion, I want to share a construction_barriers
powerful tip with you, to help you get moving.
So many people are in this state of limbo these days.
What do we do now? Why is nothing working the way it used to?
Why am I not succeeding as I had hoped? How did I end up here?
Where did my money go? Why am I not happy, I did everything
I was told would keep me safe and lead me to a good life. I am a
good person, I work hard and I do everything for everyone else,
so why am I not happy, rich and doing what I love?
Sound familiar? I know, I have been there too…
Here is the good news… it’s time! It’s time to let go, let it all go…
the past, the pain, the fear, the doubt, the blame, the complaining,
the uncertainly. It is time to embrace your infinite, enlightened,
wealthy, worthy self and live the life your Soul intended. But even
better news is, you do not have to do it alone! Those days are over.
Our survival is no longer the issue, it is time to thrive.
Tips on getting help past your blocks:
  1. Accept feeling stuck. Yep, accept that you are stuck and let it Be what it is.
    Acceptance is one of the most powerful processes and can
    shift so much. It is a major topic in the first month of the
    Enlightened Wealthy Women program.
  2. Shift from thinking about all the problems, failures and
    past to your positive vision of the future. Yes, I know, it is
    so easy to stay in the pattern of thinking about your challenges,
    but it cannot change until you shift your focus to something you actually want
  3. Hope is not a strategy. Wanting is not enough. Move from
    wanting to choosing to BEing. Shift the focus from you to
    others… how can you help them, how can you partner
    and help each other, what can you do with others who
    compliment your skills that would be a win win for you both
  4. Get help, get a coach, a partner, a mastermind group… stop
    suffering alone and get out and put your energy together with
    others. Magic happens.
  5. Join the Enlightened Wealthy Women group coaching program and
    move the blocks!
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To your best life, income and happiness ever!
Love, Nan