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Soul readings and heart healings

By September 21, 2010 Blog
Call in live tonight and get a Soul Reading and a Heart healing! Magnetic Wealth Radio 7pm Central/8pm Eastern/5pm Pacificheart-healing
IMPORTANT*** I will not be recording through Blog talk radio anymore. So do not go there to listen live or to call in. You need to call in to a new number that will give us much better sound quality.
Here is the info to call in and get some insight into your Soul Mission and Talents.
NEW CALL IN # 310 409 2027 to listen dial in code 505011
You can also see the info at these links:
Great, I hope to see you there! 🙂
I just wanted to add, why it is so important to me that people
get their Soul Mission and release the inner blocks, fears and
beliefs that tell you you cannot do what you love, AND make
a great income AND be happy!
Here is why: I have had a wonderful day full of surprises! My
internet has been out most of the day and yet I have had
the most amazing conversations!
Such a delight to speak with people who have realized that the
‘brainwashing’ of negative and limiting beliefs about
themselves and m*oney has been what has made life
a struggle and lack of m*oney.
Here is a quote ” All my struggles with m*oney finally went
away when I cleared my limiting beliefs from my parents and
ex, and I said “YES! to M*oney… I made friends with it and loved it”
This is it! You want the secret to success and happiness?
BE YOURSELF…. not what others say you should be,
not what you were programed to think you should be,
BE yourself, as fully as you can…. and then
let go of all your negative beliefs around m*oney.
Then you are in the flow!
Cool, huh?
I think so, that is why I love what I do!
In fact I love it so much, I am on a mission to clear limits on
a global level!
Ok, that’s it, thanks for being you… let’s clear the path
within us, to reach the
life we desire outside of us!
Love, Nan
PS Enlightened Wealthy Women group coaching starts soon,
you soo have to get in on this!
I am going to reveal my personal practices for bridging the
spiritual and material worlds and feeling joy, safe and love!
Come to the F*REE class next week:
“Heal your heart and your bank account :
How to let go of the struggle * remove any block & make M*oney
with meaning and joy! “