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Honor Your Soul Calling

By October 7, 2010 Blog

” The magnetic wealth club completely blew my mind. I feel free of a burden inside me and ready to ask for whatever I want today.    Thank you, what a deeply shifting process you have here.” T.M.

Wow… I was sitting here reading the most amazing feedback emails from participants in the first Magnetic Wealth Club and thinking “how profound it issoul2 when we honor our Soul’s calling and let go of the barriers to our joyous wealth!”… when next I opened and email from Neale Donald Walsch and it was EXACTLY what I was thinking about! It gave me chills!

Below I have shared a couple of the emails, as well as Neale’s beautiful email. All I want to add today, is to ask you “What are you waiting for?”… if you do not honor the call of your Soul now, you will only continue to suffer. Suffer because you are not flowing with the joy, wealth and love that you have available to you. I have clients who suffer health problems, depression, poverty, struggle, fear, and just lack of joy, all because they do not go with the flow of their Soul calling.We can change that now, I am here to help.

Staying stuck, cause it can seem “hard” to change, is not worth it. Not even close! You can see the breakthroughs and shifts that happen from only one 90 minute call… imagine if you joined me every week for a deeply shifting call…. yes, your life would change. You would have to put up with

  • more happiness
  • more money
  • more fun
  • more opportunities and amazing people to co create with
  • more clients
  • more love
  • more energy and vibrancy
  • more creativity
  • and more……………..

So I invite you to join the Magnetic Wealth Club  CLICK HERE …. only $19.97! OR even better, join the Enlightened Wealthy Women Group Coaching CLICK HERE, get the Magnetic Wealth Club free and really take your life to the next level!

“HI NAN, It was such an Awesome Magnetic Wealth Club Group and we went deep! I woke up the next day and  just  have to shift gears.  I now know I have to change the name of my book store to be more graceful harmony that creates peaceful energy
rather than controversial name. So now I have 3 new names that have come to me.
Thank you so much and thank you for helping me shift! Bright blessings, KALI ROSE STAR “


From Neale Donald Walsch:
“On this day of your life,
nan, I believe God wants you to know…

…that vocations which we wanted to pursue, but didn’t, bleed, like colors, on the whole of our existence.

Honore De Balzac said that, and he was right. Do not let one more day go by without honoring the vocation your soul calls you to pursue. And don’t pretend you don’t know what it is. Of course you do. You can feel it in your stomach whenever you think about it; whenever you see another person doing it.

Life is so very short. Do now what you yearn to do in your life. You do not have to “quit your day job” in order to do this. You may do so if you choose to, but you do not have to. Many people advance a vocation while holding down their “regular job.” You can, too. Then ease into your vocation and turn it into your “regular job.” But you must give energy to your vocation starting today. I mean, today.

Love, Your Friend….