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The frequency of love

By October 10, 2010 Blog

I have received a powerful vision, a spiritual download and a massive door has opened within me and shown me more clearly my Soul purpose and heart-vibemission. I am to guide you to the frequency of love. Why? Because on this frequency is the money, happiness and meaning you seek, we all seek.

This is a journey into prosperity, which is within, and which is love. Money is love, joy is love, there isĀ  nothing that is not ripe and ready for the picking for us and everyone, that is not in the frequency of love.

I ask daily to be shown the easiest, most fun and fastest way to create our own realities. My classes, book and coaching all bring this together in a system to light up a path for you to join me on this journey. A journey of bridging the gap between the Spiritual and Material worlds, so we can live in the Divine flow of Abundance.

What do you want most?

  • A sense of inner peace?
  • To do what you love?
  • To be yourself without fear or limitation?
  • To attract and accept money, love, joy and meaning into your life?

Me too! So I am going on this journey, to align with and live in The Frequency of Love. Money is Love. Love is Money. A few weeks ago I shared with you my SECRET to having what you desire, to wealth and happiness and freedom:

“ACCEPT Yourself & Money as GOOD”

Now I add that in order to do that, you choose to tune in to, and live in The Frequency of Love.

Love yourself, Love Money.

Be Yourself, Be Wealthy.

Love and give from Love, Love will give to you.

This and so much more is starting tomorrow in the Enlightened Wealthy Women Group Coaching program. I am so excited to share my path, my vision, my powerful processes and my Love with you!


The way for you to open to the flow of enlightened wealth and money is here, you simply love and accept it, the ideal relationships are here,
simply love and accept them…. and most of all love and accept yourself.

This and so much more is waiting for you now! Enlightened Wealthy Women.