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Enlightened Wealth Breakthroughs

By October 17, 2010 Blog
Hello beautiful Enlightened one!enlightened-butterfly-goddess-bright
I wanted to share something that moved me and I think it will serve you.
The Enlightened Wealthy Women Group Coaching program is in full swing (and YES… you can still join, at any time, please do it is an amazing, safe, loving and shifting space!) and already some amazing things have occurred.
What I desire most is to be a messenger to allow you to see accept and realize your full potential. We all know, deep inside, that we can do , BE and have so much more. This is what causes this deep dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives.
There is a mass wave of ” I Want something different, and I want more” sweeping the Globe. This comes from us still living in our limitations we took on as children and the shifts going on in theĀ  Universe that are calling us all to Live the life our Soul intended. You know what I am talking about, you feel it withinin you!
Well it is time to let go and step into your greatness. The only thingĀ  stopping you, is the perceived limits within you.
So here is the nugget I want to share with you from the lovely ladies in this group:
The group is already experiencing shifts and breakthroughs. This process can be confusing, overwhelming and even a little scary, because we are changing to a freedom and lifewe have not allowed ourselves to experience.
Here is something I wanted to be sure you had a chance to see because it is a sample of the kind of clearing you can have! Here is what I want you to be present to:
This clearing was on money and worthiness and other things in that area. Yet, it cleared something seemingly unrelated. This is why I do the
work I do, becausethis is all tied together within us!
I had a quite unexpected and profoundly powerful experience on Monday night that I want to share with you.
At the end of the clearing, as you brought us back down into our bodies, I had a simultaneous insight and volcanic release
of a unconscious agreement that I made with my brother who killed himself 5 years ago. I realized that I agreed to
be as lonely and despairing as he had been, especially in regards to relationships with men. I wailed, wept, shook,
felt like I was vomiting pain and finally went outside and laid down on the grass under a tree. I took a sea salt bath
with my crystals and in the end felt free and calm. When we began the phone call, I was in sadness and despair over my
current relationship.

This is a deeply profound shift for me, as right now, I have been behaving and being in a new way within the relationship
I am currently in; consciously practicing allowing, being, patience and trust. All things work together in synchronicty……………..I feel so FREE…………
my deepest thanks for being the catalyst for this clearing”
Peggy Lamb

When the shifts begin, go with the flow. It may feel strange, or painful to have awareness at a deeper level than before. To realize how you have limited yourself and how your beliefs and other events in life. Many are feeling the old fears and limits come up through memories, some through insights and some through increased energy and excitement and clarity towards their dreams.
Join the Group Coaching or The Magnetic Wealth Club and start your journey to wholeness, wealth and joy now!