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Women, are you ready to step into your brilliance & Prosper?

By October 21, 2010 Blog

Women! Are you ready to step into your Brilliance and Prosper?enlightened-8-x-5_5
Then the Enlightened Wealthy Women Tele Summit I am hosting is for you.

This is an amazing F*R*E*E TELESEMINAR series that you will want to participate in!

A unique Opportunity to have exclusive access to 24 Extraordinary Women over a 12 week series F*REE. The focus is on how they have bridged the gap between their Spiritual passion and their Material riches and are ready to share their Secrets with YOU!

Have you been longing to
“Do what you love, while making a JUICY income AND Help others?” GOOD! The join this ground breaking Tele Summit F*ree starting Nov 2, 2010


This 12-week series will give you exclusive access to 24 of the world’s experts in spirituality, business, money, mindset and healing.  All focused intently on providing you with their personal insights intended to accelerate your own consciousness and evolution. AND I have been invited to speaker at this special event.

now to register for F*REE

You must register to have access to the calls, and you will want to
listen in as these women share:
1. How they created wealth and got past the struggle
2. How they integrated their spiritual life and beliefs into their life
3. How they discovered their passion and merged it with their business

Here are just some of the Enlightened Ladies who will be sharing, look at how powerful this is going to be!

  • Janet Attwood, Bestselling Author of “The Passion Test”
    “Passion is the door to Enlightened Wealth”
  • Amethyst Wyldfyre
    “RISE UP! Embody your Power NOW”
  • Margaret Lynch, Emotional Freedom Technique specialist
    “Tapping for Money”
  • Suzanne Evans
    “Stop Selling and Start Sharing: Learn How Your Marketing Can Be Authentic, Be Effective and Change the World!”
  • Linda Joy Founder os “Aspire” Magazine for Women
    “You ARE Worthy of Abundance! Claim it”
  • Vaishali, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host & 2 Time Cancer Survivor healed herself!
    “Make Your Mind Your Friend: The Fine Art of Creating a Life Worth Living”
  • Eva Gregory and Jeanna Gabellini, LOA & Abundance Coaches & Guides for Spiritual Connection “Magnetizing Money”
  • Bernadette Doyle, Founder Client Magnets, Ltd
    “Multiply Your Magnetism and Attract More Clients”
  • Morgana Rae Relationship with Money Coach
    ‘Unleash the Money Goddess in You”
  • Linda Hollander,
    “From Bags to Riches”
  • Fabienne Fredrickson, Small Business Coaching Expert & Client Attraction Mentor
    “Prospering in Your Business: The Client Attraction Formula for Earning Huge Profits with Authenticity, while Being of Service to Others”
  • Marcy Neumann, Creator of the “U Create” Series of LOA tools & Cellph Love
    “Discover Your Authentic Self”
  • Marsh Engle, Success, Clarity & Connection Expert, Creator of “Amazing Woman Day”
    “Are You Living Your Ultimate Calling?”
  • Christy Whitman, Transformational Leader & Quantum Success Coach
    “Creating abundance in any economy”
  • Sequoia Hamilton, Soulful Entrepreneur, Author, Sacred Travel writer and trip leader
    “Passport to Freedom”
  • Sheila Gale, Actress, Radio Host, Energy Healer and Passionate Survivor
    “Victimhood to Passionate Co-Creator”
  • Nina Wallinder, Inspirational Intuitive
    “3 Costly Mistakes Hard-Working Women Make Trying to
    Get Into the Flow of Prosperity”
  • Nancy Marmolejo, Heart Based Visibility Strategist
    “The Secrets to Success in Any Economy: Find Your “Profitable Essence”
  • Karen Russo, Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation
    “Escaping the Money Traps”
  • Ellen Britt
  • Jacqueline Joy Spiritual Guide and Creator of the Diamond Alignment Process
    “Diamond Alignment”
  • Shanda Sumpter Founder of Heartcore Women Online Community & Business Coach
  • “Partnering for Prosperity”
  • Nan Akasha Spiritual Money Attraction, Limit Busting & Soul Alignment Coach, Bestselling Author,
    “Get out of your own way & Wealth will flow

and some surprise guests……

Join this Free Teleseminar Intensive now:


Once you register, you will receive an email that tells you how to join the calls AND watch for some wonderful bonus gifts too!

And if you miss any of the live broadcasts, you will have an opportunity to purchase a downloadable version of the entire series.

I know you will not only enjoy this unique, empowering and uplifting opportunity, but you will be inspired by the tools and insights to take
charge of your own life now. So join me today to ensure you catch all of these amazing calls.

Love, Nan

PS If you want to be inspired, uplifted, and guided on a journey into your own wealth, worthiness and joy, this is the perfect place! Register now
for f*ree and tell all your girlfriends and family! Let’s empower women NOW!