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Ever Dreamed of Egypt?

By October 25, 2010 Blog
“Welcome home to Egypt!” This is what I heard when I got off the plane my first trip to Egypt. It made me cry. I felt the energy, the sincerity and the egypt5
Ancient essence welcome me!
It was by far the most transformative experience of my life. Now I am thrilled and honored to share with you that I
have been invited to co lead a Sacred travel to Egypt!
If you have ever felt drawn to Egypt, this is for you. 2011 is the threshold of 2012 and is the most important moment for us in our evolution.
We will “Deepen in the Divine and to Awaken on Every Level.”
This is more than a trip – it is a transformational experience — of a lifetime!
* Imagine yourself between the paws of the Sphinx setting
powerful intentions, at Isis’s temple opening your heart to
unconditional love, and hiking into the heart of the Great
Pyramid to activate your highest life potential.
* Imagine cruising along the Nile while immersing yourself in
esoteric ‘Mystery School’ wisdom and accessing personal
insights at powerful energy vortexes at ancient temples,
which are embedded in like jewels along the Nile’s shore.
* Imagine slowing down and being — just being — in
the presence of profound stillness at one of the most super
charged, high-vibrating places on the face of the earth!

Daily Meditation. To support your immersion into stillness

and your personal transformation towards wholeness, we
will work as a collective with daily heart-centered meditation
I have received some amazing information on what we will be doing…
Go here and check it out…. and tune  in to the
Enlightened Wealthy Women F*ree TeleSummit
on Nov 2nd, to hear Sequoia…

Click on the Special offer to Egypt.

Make sure you tell Sequoia I sent you. I can’t wait
till  we are in the great pyramid together on 1-11-11…
get ready for your whole life to change!
Love, Nan
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