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Are you ‘using’ money?

By October 26, 2010 Blog

Are you ‘using money? Yes, I mean like you ‘use ‘ a person, just because they are handy, helpful and useful, but you really do not lmoney_707-wingsike them or appreciate them? Most people are, and do not realize it. This is a BIG reason money does not flow to you or stay with you!

It is so powerful to realize that we have a relationship with money… yes… just like  a person! I have had the honor of guiding 2 coaching clients and my Enlightened Wealthy Women group coaching through this process of creating their Money Muse, just in the last week! “That was really powerful” was the bulk of the comments!

Why is it so powerful? Because when you see that you have a relationship with money, you can begin to see why you may be repelling it, using it and losing it.
Money is energy, we are energy, and as we know, energies must be on similar frequencies in order to match up… meet, co exist. When you turn money into a person, you can see, quite quickly and easily, how you are treating money, feeling towards it, thinking about it. Juts because these beleifs and feelings may have been with you so long, you do not even realize it , does not mean they are not affecting you.

Take how you feel and think about money, honestly, not “O I love it and want more”… cause if you truly felt that way, you would have plenty of it and no worries about it.  Now, take those feelings and thoughts and turn money into a person, and see how that person would feel if you felt , thought and acted that way towards them. They would not be attracted to you, or stick around. Same thing with the energy of money.

Here is a typical scenario:

Most people have these feelings about money, yours might be different, but I think you will relate and you can add yours in…

  • Feel money is not spiritual, wanting it is being greedy and selfish and not humble and close to God
  • Are embarrassed to have anyone know they want more money
  • Are embarrassed or feel guilty if you have more money than you feel comfortable with
  • Say money is not important
  • Are angry and frustrated with money and not having it or getting it when needed
  • Feel it takes a lot of hard work and a long time to get it
  • Are afraid friends and family will not like them anymore if they make a lot of money

Taking just these few beliefs about money, let’s look at a scene, turning money into a person:

You are dating this person, we will call Pat (so it can be a man or woman 🙂 and you are at a party. Your date is across the room and a friend asks you about your new date. Looking sheepishly across at your date, you lean over and say “Well… I am a bit embarrassed to seen with Pat, you know, he’s not that spiritual, and even though I really need and want him sometimes, most of the time I really don;t want to tell anyone that I want him. He;s really not that important to me and he is unreliable and makes me angry when he is not there when I need him. I really find him handy and sometimes feel desperate for him to be here, and yet , really do not appreciate or like him much.

Also he is really hard to get to show up and it takes a long time. All in all, I really have a sort of love/hate, push me  pull you relationship with him. I feel selfish and greedy wanting him… you know is is so good at helping me get, and do so many things,guilty almost, because I know if my family knew I had him in my life so much, they would not like me anymore. So I guess I am just using him, but he is really handy, you know? ”

Now can you see that that person would not stick around? If they overheard you, how would they feel? And even if they did not overhear you, they can feel your feelings and attitude towards them, and eventually they will leave and find someone who appreciates, loves and cares for them.

It may seem strange to give these qualities to money, however, if you understand law of attraction, energy and manifestation, you can see that you will not attract at all, or for long, anything that you have these kind of feelings about.

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One Comment

  • Rubie says:

    While I find you and many of the other teachers really inspirational, Unfortunately those of us who have a bad relationship with money don’t have hundreds to spend on coaching and programs