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Is money flowing to you from unexpected places?

By November 7, 2010 Blog
” I have attracted money just flowing to me from many different, unexpected place in the the past lawofattraction-hand-globe
10 days… it is amazing!” A coaching client told me today. This is so fun when this happens!
We created his money muse, discovered some of his beleifs and fears around money, and with just a few shifts he is ALREADY seeing how money can come from anywhere in the most delightful ways!

Rich blessings are flowing to you, now, wake up! Look around…do you see how abundant you are?
The field of abundance is infinite, and you are in integral part of it!

You are always attracting…. the question is, WHAT are you attracting? Are you aware of the POWER that emanates from you 24/7?
Do you know how to DIRECT that Power? Are you Clear & Open so what you do attract is what YOU want and you ALLOW it to come to you?
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing and understanding the power you have to attract. This month in the enlightened wealth coaching we will dive deep into attraction and what it really is, how it works, how you can be clear and defined and direct it to tune in to a life, an income and joy like you can’t believe!
Monday is the Enlightened Wealthy Women Group Coaching call… the first on ATTRACTION! Yes, a whole month on attraction and how to clarify your vibration, how to really tune in and understand the Law of attraction and things you have never even considered or known about!
I would love to see you there… if we create a world of conscious, intentional attractors, all attracting what we love and being happy and fulfilled…hmm what would that world look like? Let’s create it now~
Love YOU~!