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The Spirit of Money wanted me to give you…

By December 22, 2010 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Happy Holidays… wasn’t the full moon Solstice and lunar eclipse just awesome!?gift____
The energies are special and powerful and I would encourage you to set great intentions and release whatever burdens you. The results are sped up right now and will move your shifts more quickly and give you inspirations…. follow them, they will lead to wonderful things and doorways to new opportunties.
I just had an an inspiration to tell you about a gift you could give to yourself or your loved ones, that is affordable and life transforming. It came from the Spirit of Money. (I will be bringing you messages from the Spirit of Money more often in 2011… keep an eye out!)
In fact it came to me that it is like giving someone the power of abundance!
Better than giving someone ca.sh!
My book “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” is only $20 and people read it over and over. It is designed to be a manual to use and grow and change your income, your relationship to money and your happiness.
It is a manual for manifestation and for you to use daily… mine is all tagged and book marked with sticky notes!
Get an 40 page excerpt from the book and read more here:
“Hi Nan!!
Thank you soooo much for the book… I’ve barely started reading it, and I already have a success story to share with you!!

I began reading the book this morning after you sent it to me.  I was particularly struck by what you say early on about staying open to all the possibilities.
I realized after reading that just how much my depressive thoughts and anxiety have shut me down to all the rich, beautiful, glorious possibilities that
are out there for me with regards to money.

The morning progressed, and I received a phone call from a client whom I haven’t spoken to since March.  I was excited to hear from him, but disappointed a bit when I listened to his voicemail, as it didn’t sound like he wanted a session.

Anyway, as the afternoon approached, I became rather depressed and fearful again.

Half an hour ago, my client called back and we actually got to chat.  Not only did he spend $160 for a session tomorrow, but he’s considering booking my most expensive monthly coaching package!!  And this guy is a dream client… prompt, open, and an absolute delight to work with!!!

I think there’s magic woven within the pages of your book, my dear. Or, to be more precise, I think the book is already helping me to bring out more of the magic that lies within my own heart and soul.  For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love, Kim “


So if you buy one for you or all your friends, not only will you be giving the gift of transformation, empowering someone you love to  be able to master their money mind and align with their Soul purpose and live the wealthy life their Soul intended…

BUT The Spirit of Money and I have a gift for you!
Both you AND the person you gift one to, if you buy several,will get:
  • All 76 gifts from my JV Partners from my book launch last May.
    See them here: http://www.secretstomasteryourmoneymind.com/gifts/
  • One is my  “Be irresistible to Money” Pak $100 value!

    – An Audio of many of the powerful Magnetic Wealth Affirmations in this book to use to program your mind!
    – The Law of Increase and Wealth” Audio course
    – “Take Control of Your Thoughts” Audio course
    – A beautiful PDF of her internationally acclaimed blog “LOVE”, featured in Dee Wallace’s recent playshop!
    – Free subscription to the Spiritual Money Attraction News
  • Magnetic Wealth Affirmation Audio
  • AND!! 3 weeks of the “Already Rich! Audio coaching
    Go here to read more about audio coaching and see video
That is a gift worth over $130 + the value of all the 76 gifts! All for $20!
And it really is ” the gift that keeps on giving” HA! That made me giggle.
“Right now I am devouring your book. This stuff is absolutely amazing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Ethel Jackson
Just forward your receipt and we will get you the gifts and audio coaching!to [email protected]
Hope you enjoy that gift, I am having fun watching as Spirit channels it through me!
Love you!
PS  Actually, The Spirit of Money just told me that anyone who has ever bought my book can send us the resepict and we wil give you this too!
Love you!
PSS Next year in my coaching programs we will be working with these shifting, increasing energies that will continue to accelerate through 2011. You want to master your mind and energies now, so you can harness the power this new year brings.It is time to let go, and really be authentic, be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.
Your Soul is calling, we are all being called to a new level and this year is about preparing for the ascension spiral and enlightening
energies of 2012. This is a shift into new dimensions, and where you are personally in your vibration of fear vs faith and lack vs abundance will determine your experience and where you will be living. We all create our realities , so we will not all be experiencing the same ‘next level ‘ realities.
Having a guide and a community that will be co creating a new, positive, empowering, abundant, fun reality, will ensure your next experince as one
of wealth, joy and meaning, vs struggle, fear and doing things for others approval.
Interested? Read more and let’s talk!
CLICK  HERE to read more

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  • Deepak says:

    Dear Nan ,
    It’s always a pleasure communicating with you . You are doing a noble task . May god shower all his blessings to you & off course , the great work you are doing .