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Ever had a dream that was SO real?

By March 15, 2011 Blog
I woke up this morning so deep in a vivid, real dream that I kept falling back into it, kept moving the dream forward…yet, even when I got up, it was still
with me. It felt compelling to stay in the dream world and to understand. It felt like it held a key to my next big shift.
That ever happen to you?
We are all doing major work right now, spiritual, deep inner work. In our sleep, in our day and in our DNA.You can even feel and see the energies moving, surging…I had the most bizarre audio issues!
Are you seeing nearly instant manifestation? Wow, it is almost like it whizzes by your ear before you can finish saying what you want! It works all ways, though, so something we do not want, will manifest as quickly as what we do want. The illusion is fading… time to step into your real Soul Mission.
Kind of like a Sci-fi movie, we are being ‘turned on” (Ha! I just had a typo that said ‘turned om”… what a delight!). We are completing patterns from many life experiences. We are having demanding inner urges to stop playing small, and settling. We yearn for Soul fulfillment. Time to get your Soul Turned on, or Turned Om! 🙂
Three Keys to Turning On Your Soul Light
  1. Open a conscious connection to your Soul Light and ask how to understand it’s guidance. Do twice and day right after waking and right before sleeping.
  2. Now you have an open connection to your Soul Light, you can receive guidance in all you do. You now come from Soul not mind, or body. Your Soul knows all things and can create and direct your life. Work in Unison with your Soul design.
  3. Allow your Soul to assist you in unraveling your patterns and blocks, Ask to accept your goals, like making $10,000 a month. In order to accept them, you will have to complete the Karmic patterns and beliefs and transform the energy to one that is receptive to mo.ney, happiness, freedom. Ask, stay quiet and intend ‘allow, release, give’ and feel it shift. Now choose your ideal life 🙂

Stay focused and let go, let go, let go. Set your space, know you deserve to have it the way you want it, it is your life. I am offering powerful new sessions for Karmic clearing, completion, and contract re scripting as well as Soul Abundance sessions…go here to read more and get your Soul turned on!

Open to the guidance coming through and free yourself from struggle. The changes are afoot! Get clear so you can embrace the higher vibrations
and free the Divine flow of abundance!
Love, Nan

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