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Magnetic process for increasing wealth in 26 days

By March 24, 2011 April 11th, 2011 Blog

Would you be interested in a Magnetic process for increasing wealth in 26 days?

Are you feeling frustrated because the changes you want are not coming fast enough?

The energies have been jumping in speed so much since New Year’s that many are seeing almost instant manifestation… but is it what you want, or do not want? You can leverage these energy jumps, but right now, we have to be clear and committed to focusing on what we desire, not what we disapprove of.

You will get either, quickly!

I want to encourage you to begin to treat yourself with more compassion, yet more accountability!

Too many people have both of these issues:

  1. They do not treat them selves well. They do not feel they are good enough, they deserve good things, or what they really want, and they put others first, not taking time and care to support, nurture and love themselves.
  2. Often on a spiritual path, people begin to feel like things should be easier, more flowing and do not make the committed, consistent effort to make money or attract clients, soulmates or other achieve things they want.

What do you need?  A loving kick in the butt? Maybe, but more likely what you really need is to get upset, or get fired up, or get fed up with what results you have and build the courage and clarity and commitment to make the changes no matter what.

What happens when you unleash these two forces on yourself? (Compassionate self care/support, and Spiritual, financial and inspired action Accountability)


And isn’t that what you feel right now? Frustrated with lack; lack of money, lack of change, lack of growth, lack of __________(fill in the blank)……

So why not give it a try… it is a powerful combo! Velvet gloves I guess, soft and loving, supportive, and then focused, accountable, consistently keeping yourself on point to do the things you know will make the difference!

Tomorrow I will give you a powerful example: “If you KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that if you did the following things, you would attract $10,000/month, would you commit to doing it every day for the next 26 days, and do whatever it took to keep yourself accountable?”

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  • Hana Mezei says:

    Dear Nan …….Thank You for all This wonderfull stuff You are showing Us Here……Yes….Of coarse…….I would Love to have 5000 a Month……Have worked at a Hospital for many years…[email protected] Am very thankfull for That……Am entering retirement now…….Next week…..so,…..then ..How can I Have comming to me @ cats…..5000 a aMonth…………..kindly tell me how much……Hope I can do that….Basically, I feel insecure, as I don’t have a Housband (2nd income)…………………maybe You can help……Thanks A lot Hana Mezei Vancouver 604 709 0477.

  • Sandra says:

    Thank you so much, Nan! You have inspired me to really commit to the process of Allowing all my dreams to come true.



  • Becky says:

    Nan, I’m very excited to be starting this process of wealth creation. I’m looking forward to the next 26 days, and seeing how far we can all go with this.

    Thanks so much for offering this!

  • HI, Nan!
    Great post…and Wonderful reminder that neglecting to nourish and nurture Self serves to enable lack in all areas of our Life…Body, Mind, Spirit, Finances, Career, Relationships…and does nothing positive for our Society or our Planet. In fact, it, likely, provides for more of those negative footprints on our environment that tend to debilitate, rather than Empower.
    Perhaps selfishness is one of the most Selfless things we could…and should…do for our Self.
    In the money arena, I’ll keep releasing my belief in lack…knowing that GOD is the Abundance that I AM! And So IT Is!
    With Love & Blessings!

  • Julie McCleary says:

    Thanks Nan for this opportunity. I have been trying for so long with no success and plan on following each day. I am so excited.

  • Carol says:

    Thanks so much, looking forward for the next one.

  • Linda says:

    Nan, another great Nan Akasha wealth creation strategy! Thanks for this!

  • Tracey Benevento says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone out there with the intention to create a new reality, the combined energy is amazing!!! Let’s do this already!!!!

  • Nancy says:

    This is great material, very inspiring and uplifting, thank you so much Nan! You rock!!!

  • Diane Green says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and you are right I do need to get upset or fired up or something – looking forward to each day of this journey.

  • Michele says:

    Yes I will have the career that I like in helping other’s build up there lives in health and goals along with benefits.
    Yes I will have the committment of the relationship with Alan that I so deserve that nothing will come to harm from the act, alan will be committed to me with no cheating, Alan will provide me with love, care, compassion, intimacy, support in keeping up with chores and upkeep in house, vechicle, he will be there for me as I him, we will have a one on one committed relationship because the relationship is what I deserve today and forever. Make this be today.
    Yes I will have the income of 30,000 monthly in my bank account.
    Yes I will have to bills paid off
    Yes I will have my country cottage rock brick house
    Yes I will have a dog, “pomeranian” or “eskimo”
    Yes I will have pretty things to fill my home
    Yes I will have a vacation to a nice tropical island, no rain, no accidents, no problems.. Just pure relaxation because I deserve all this and more today and everyday

  • thank you very much,Nan i do want to be aREALLITY ! let’s GO for it !

  • Tracey Benevento says:

    again, I wanted to thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Everytime I click onto your links I feel a wave of energy and the transformation begins. It is enlightening and uplifting and all things wonderful….so very needed in these times of transition. All the best to you and yours!!!

  • Tina says:

    I do AGREE with the kick in the butt!! Further, I would do WHATEVER it takes to increase my wealth, and become accountable for an increase as you have referenced. Whatever it takes. Please just adivse. Lets get started. Thank you Nan and GOD, maybe this is exactly what I have been needing. thank you, again.

  • minoo says:

    I have good feeling that it will work.

  • Susanne Witte says:

    Dear Nan,

    I am new on your side, I heard from you about 2 days ago over a web cast and admired your courage to do what you want. When you described what you did before I saw a lot of parallels to my life . I am on the point now where I want to have change and do things which matter.
    In my head everything is so clear I can visualize it perfectly and see my self doing it…I can feel it. Inside I have the feeling of bursting to start it.
    But and I do not like to use but…the reality is different. I am now almost 3 years separated and the final battle in court just ended a short while ago. I lost my house, my car my savings…my wealth.
    I am a single mom blessed with a beautiful 9 year old boy. Finely we are able to get a kind of “normal” along with the father, so things getting better there which is good for my son. Being a stay at home mom before taking care of 3 children for 13 years literally through me out of the job world.
    The last 3 years I am jumping from job to job a kind of “job hopping” with the result not really to find what I want and never making enough money. I am a entrepreneur in my heard and I want to help people, I am also gifted with lot’s of creativity, a love to nature, humans and animals .
    I am blessed with great friends and have a loving family (which is in Europe) and I am a very spiritual person and I would say a great connector, a artist as well, a environmentalist and somebody how loves to help. I see my self as a very positive person. For years now I am some how stuck with my dream in my head about what I would love to do. I was always interested in mind, body, spirituality, Auras, chakra’s, angels healing the mind and the body, being motivational and inspiring. And I listen to a lot of Guru’s out there try the SECRET and the law of attraction, Vision boards…you name it.
    Only ending up to search and learn further being still not able to attract what I want.
    Your way is different, I really like your work the clearing of things like limiting believe system or self worth, short loving your self…your approach is different. I do enjoy it a lot it is so time for me to change my approach to money because I am more or less broke.

    Thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful light and enlightenment with us, you are doing a fantastic job…thank you…NAMASTE

  • Sharon says:

    Grateful for your contribution to Sharon Crawford’s Spiritual Path to Money telesummit the other day….love the way you keep the concepts so simple.
    Actually, a great deal of what I heard you say was a review for me AND; I am wondering if because I still want to get bargins when I purchase something…or because I am conservative with heat, water, electric etc. is that contridictory to abundance? In otherwords, because I believe there is abundance AND yet still don’t want to be wasteful is that a duality issue or just plain common sense?
    Sincerely in Spirit,
    Sharon F.