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How to use The power of Joy for a money breakthru

By July 8, 2011 Blog
I have had a deep shift since my class this week “7 Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs”…
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That is, of course, what it is designed for 🙂 …… breakthrus… and have been attracting all kinds of insights, guidance, and amazing synchronicities…
So I wanted to give you something powerful 🙂 you could take with you into your weekend and apply anytime your feelings about money begin to shrink.

How to use The power of Joy for a money breakthru
In the “7 Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs”… the 6th secret :  Drink Your Magic Elixir for Max Power: is Tapping the true Depth and Power of JOY…..
So here is a tip you can apply right now to using the POWER of JOY to create a money breakthrough this weekend!
** Of all the emotions, JOY has the highest vibration… and JOY has the power to REMOVE all your OBSTACLES…. and ATTRACT …**

So… are you using this power? You have the ability to tap into it at will…   yes, it does require focus, when you have had the lifelong pattern of  getting stuck in what you see and the past and you do not access this power. Now, make the intention to notice when you are touching, thinking about, spending, receiving money… how are you feeling? What STATE are you in?
Then draw on the POWER of JOY to blast those negative, contracting, energies and GRAB ON to the rocket of JOY energy that will blast through you.
ASK THIS in a space of calm presence:
“I ask in a space of pure Unconditional love, that the Spirit Guides holding my highest good, now pour JOY through me. I now allow this POWER of JOY  to remove my obstacles to an Abundant, Consistent flow of money. I receive this money with ease and gratitude. Thank you Thank you Thank you”

Then pay attention and invite in the JOY as often as you think of it…. and ask to think of it a lot!
In the “7 Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs I reveal that you have Super Powers… truly… and the magic that you can create, with everything you already have and are, opens you to a whole NEW STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS…. a different reality… a  RICH reality!