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11 – 11 … time for support

By July 11, 2011 Blog

Happy 11-11… the energies keep changing this year and each month, on 11-11, they are substantially different! Since we are heading in to 2012 and this means MAJOR energy shifts… the time now is for preparing… here are some tips to enjoy the energies today…

  • Focus on SUPPORT… this is the energy I feel is really magnified today… listen to the powerful Complimentary Class to hear about how I have tuned in to a new awareness on how supported we really are.. and how you too can FEEL it and ACCESS it…  GET CLASS HERE
  • Focus on JOY… the power of JOY to bring anything and everything to you, is beyond descritpion… and is a MUST 1st step in any creation
  • Focus on YOU… allow yourself to be GOOD ENOUGH… to receive the support that is all around you!

Many blessings and love… Get on this wave of change into 2012 and let yourself be supported in every possible way. Remember…being supported does not mean you do nothing… it means you accept and act in a way that allows you to BE your best and do what you EXCEL at and LOVE… without getting OVERWHELMED!

Really… it is possible…. and if you want to get 24/7 on demand support in all ways… tune in to your Spiritual Guidance.. and Spirit guides, waiting to assist you… but you need to ask, and know who to do it in a way you will GET the answers you want…. never feel alone, or lacking direction or guidance… then listen to this FREE CLASS on the “7 Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs”and check out this SPECIAL OFFER and OPPORTUNITY to work with me for one day, and get in touch with your Spiritual guides, and re-activate your personal power…. this is the ONLY way you will attract more money and KEEP it!

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