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Be the King of your life!

By July 12, 2011 Blog

Have you had a breakthrough where something went from a concept in your mind….dropped into  your heart… or being and you ‘got it’? Everything

clicked… made sense… you could connect the dots? These are gems, they are what we seek with passion...because from that point on, until the

next one, our lives are different…. our $$ income is different… our daily peace and outlook is different… in a VERY GOOD way!

I recently did several VIP Day experiences on ‘How to Transform Your Money Story’… and the accelerated shifts and results that

happen keep reverberating out. These are very powerful ways to breakthrough blocks of all kinds, quickly… from money, to mindset, to loving

yourself more…

I wanted to share an email I received today from one of my ‘How to Transform Your Money Story’ VIP Day clients… the subject line was “I ‘got it’ “…

A short set up… so you understand to what he is referring:

In the ‘Transform Your Money Story’ one on one virtual VIP day day we re-write your past money story into a new one you live in to, and in that

process we look into your family money history and do a past life experience….where you see and re experience one or more past life (or

simultaneous life is more accurate) in which your money block started, or what will most powerfully help you in making a breakthrough. In

his, he had a very real, very pleasant experience of being a King, as you will see he references. It feels so real, it is transforming him, from the inside

out, into BEing who is really is, essentially re-accessing his true power and authentic identity. The daily meditation and money story are audios we

create in the VIP day for him to use over and over.


He also attended my complimentary class on Saturday signed up for my new group virtual VIP Day Experience “7 Spiritual Secrets to Unlock a 6 Figure

Income”… so this is what he is talking about when he mentions the spiritual super powers, that is what that class was about… accessing your natural

inner Spiritual powers so you can attract, keep and grow more money and also anything in life you desire! All while doing it with Spiritual guidance!

Enjoy… and leave a comment below!

Nan –
Just a little update from my VIP day.  I had a little breakthrough this morning that I wanted to share.  I finally “got it”.
During the past life regression, I went back to when I was a king during some early medieval period.  The message I received from my Spirit Guide was to “remember” and “to be”.   At the time, I thought it meant to remember when I was a benevolent king with all the love and support I had back then, and to remember that I still have a lot of support today.  I also thought I was being told to live my life in a quiet, calm, confident state like I did back then.  Ever since that past life regression, I kept getting drawn back to that experience with a feeling that I was missing something, or there was something more.
This morning, I had just finished listening to my dally mediation and my new money story when I was once again back at the medieval setting next to the castle.    Then the message became clear to me.   When I was the king, I was the one responsible for everything that occurred.   Just me.   The point of “remembering” is because I am still responsible for everything in my life today.  No one else, just me.  I am the king of my own reality, and I am “to be” that king today.   I have that same power.  I am a benevolent king today for everything in my life.  We all are.   That was the point, to live my life with that ownership. To live my life with love, joy, and gratitude.  To own it, to be it.  This ties directly into the first 2 Spiritual Powers from your call on Saturday.    Identifying with my true identity and realizing and accepting all the power that comes with it.
I knew in mind that this was true, but it became true in my heart this morning.  It went from understanding in the mind, to a knowing in the heart.
Not sure if any of this makes sense, sometimes words cannot capture the shift that occurs within.
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