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Does fear of Success stop you?

By August 3, 2011 Blog

I remember when I discovered I had a fear of success… I thought it was ridiculous! I really felt like that was silly, which made it hard to get underneath. I remember asking myself “Do I want to succeed? Of Course! Why else do you think I am working all these hours, going against the ‘norm’, following my path even when it is not the easier one…Yes I want success!’

Ah… but what is underneath it?? Why do you work, plan, worry, change, study and do all the things you do to create a successful job, business, income? Because you know there is something more, that you are meant for, and so you are driven to keep going.

How successful do you feel? I know many people I talk to today feel like things are constricting and falling apart, and restricting the flow of money or the breakthrough to a new level… not the success they desire.

I want to help you clear what is UNDERNEATH your fear of success! Leave me a comment below telling me what you are aware of that is a contributing cause to a fear of success… because this is a big topic….

So, why do you feel fear of success?

This is a huge block for many people, and one that has not been easy to clear.. and here is why… because it is what is underneath it that is what you have to address…

all those things like “If I succeed my family will not love me”… “I can’t be spiritual and rich”… “If I am a big success everyone will want something from me”… “I will not know how to handle the money, or it will take all my time or energy”…. and so on…
As you can see… fear of success if an umbrella, it is really what you fear will happen as a result of being successful that keeps you stuck…
So I am going to help you clear your fear of success!

Please   leave a comment Here below telling me what is your primary fear of success.
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Please take a few minutes now and  leave me a comment... it will be healing for you and bless many others too! Thanks!

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