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Unlocking the power inside you

By August 3, 2011 Blog

I have shared that I have been working with an amazing healer recently… I will share with you some of the things I have experienced.  (Click here to come to a webinar I am having with this healer )

Let me just start by saying I am always, ‘working’ on myself… I am committed to my spiritual path and my personal growth. I am always doing my own work as well as teaching it, and I do several other techniques, I follow my inner guidance on what I need most to support my growth, reaching my goals and expanding in love.

We all have access to infinite energy, knowledge, inspiration, money and more…  it is locked within us, it is what we call our “potential”. Potential energy, once unlocked, gives you freedom…clarity…energy…motivation… hope….certainty… and so much more. The power within you

So I have many things that contribute to my evolution and my healing. However, this past year, I have had some major personal breakthroughs… and breakdowns… and many many months in severe pain and multiple dental surgeries and so on… Now, I am very healthy, in fact, a long time ago I chose the belief “I never get sick”… and in general… I do not. I never ‘catch’ colds or flu… the only real issues I have are from my accelerated spiritual growth and increase in vibration.Releasing and healing old wounds, fears, and inner conflicts requires expansion. Old emotional pains, grief stuck in your system… often this can take time to move from the shock and trauma in your etheric body… into your physical body. So old emotional and other wounds, are still often in your energy structure. This causes blocks and more…

So to say I have been actively desiring a deep healer I could resonate with, is an understatement. I have been in healing and energy for so long, that I am very sensitive and am very picky about who I let work with my energy fields. Well.. I found one, and I am so pleased... in fact, his work represents much of what I have studied, worked with over the almost 30 years in this journey.

So here is a sample of what I have been experiencing… and I will share more this week and you really want to be on the webinar Wednesday with this healer… it’s free and you will be blown away by the 1000’s of scientific studies showing the actual results!

When I started the ‘blessings’ or energy transmissions, I could feel the energy and I knew there was something unique about this energy. It felt soft, and ‘smart’… I know that sounds strange, but it did… like it ‘knew’ what to do. Not much else changed except I felt happy and light.

After the 3rd blessing, it really hit… all of a sudden I had tons of energy, mental focus, physical energy, positive inspired “everything is so wonderful’ energy.  I literally stayed up for almost 3 days straight… and I was fine, and very productive!

I moved to a more advanced healing session and everything increased… now I could discern this energy, I could tell what it was doing vs other things I do… I could anticipate the ‘boost’ and acceleration I now get the first week after a session.

When the energy transmissions begin… to me.. it is like someone turned on a faucet of energy… suddenly I could feel it streaming  in.

The physical energy is amazing, and has helped my healing and pain. Also, almost like acupuncture, I feel like my meridians have been opened and are circulating more energy in many levels of my body and being.

My allergies and congestion are more regulated.

My sleep is deeper

My meditation are deeper

The mental clarity helps me see, plan, remember and even visualize more clearly

My surgeries have had an accelerated healing time

My favorite of all though, is the sense of inner peace, the knowing that I am me, I am just exactly where I am meant to be and I accept myself deeper. This shift had started last fall… but this has brought it to fruition and the rewards of inner calm and a sense of being me is being in the right place at the right time.

I feel connected to the Universal flow…

and the flow brings…. more joy, love and of course…. more $$ money!


When you realize everything is energy, and you control and direct that energy… and you put yourself in the path of intelligent healing energy… amazing things happen.

PLEASE join me Wednesday… this is not to be missed… go here to register for FREE