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A powerful way to feel safe with money and attract more

By August 30, 2011 Blog

After my work with 1000’s of people around their blocks to money… and myself… I have found that if we do not feel

safe, we put up all kinds of excuses, blocks and barriers… and there is little we can do about it through action and will power.

You have basic needs… and one of the most deeply ingrained and primal need is one to feel safe.

Often making more money, lots of money or even ‘being rich’, brings up deeply embedded fears and it does not feel safe.

This results in you not making decisions from a place of peace and clarity. It brings up excuses, (mental, physical, emotional) that keep you from seeing the opportunity, or taking action, or asking.

You cannot attract, keep and grow lots of money, or even more money if it does not feel safe to you, at a subconscious level.

I have done some profound work with this, it is a CORE issue. It affects everything. When you get yourself into a “Safe” place with money: having it, wanting it, and keeping it… you feel free and empowered.

My belief clearing process, developed from over 27 years of Spiritual, energy, business, and healing work reaches into your subconscious, into your past, your DNA, your mind, brain and more… and transforms those beliefs that say you are not safe being rich.

Imagine feeling safe asking for money… feeling safe making a lot of money and not worrying if you will be judged or rejected by your friends or family lose or mismanage it change into a greedy, materialistic, selfish or big headed, bossy and thoughtless person not be spiritual, loving and kind.

Have people who will take it from you, make demands, or you will not know who to trust lose my time, freedom work too long and hard & have too much responsibility

Imagine feeling safe with money from now on. Feels so good!

This month in the Magnetic Wealth Club, we clear your beliefs, patterns, charges, programs all on these issues with feeling safe to be rich and make more mo,ney. We do this at the core of where these live, so you can then act as if this were true for you, knowing it has been transformed within!

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And Imagine how much more money you will attract… and what you can do with it!

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To your new world… feeling Safe with Money.

Deep love and joy,


PS Check out my Magnetic Wealth Radio show all about ‘Is it safe to be rich?’
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