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Magnetic Wealth Affirmation: your planet

By September 12, 2011 Blog

Time for another Magnetic Wealth Affirmation… and this week I am all about getting to the heart of what stops you from being the Magnificent Manifestor that you are.

I worked with 2 VIP clients last week, and as, step by step we got to the heart of the issue, we had to sort through a lot of story, drama, and begin to discern what was an underlying cause vs story. Then step by step I walked them out of it, past their blocks they felt could never be shifted. They did shift, and in big, profound ways. You can always move forward… so within you must committ to the new, over the old.
In the end it is not about the story (who did what to whom, when and how much it hurts and so on)… it is about what is really going on within you. So we want to know the core of what is happening, to make real, lasting change that leads us consistently towards our rich life.
Your life experience… from your financial income, and circumstances, to your relationships or even your health… all come from within you. They come from your subconscious mind programming.
Get out from the great and amazing story that is the novel of your life, and ask yourself…
What am I allowing to stop me?  What story am I living, seeing and confirming that is keeping me from my dreams?
This is from chapter 5 of my book “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” “You are free… we all live on our own ‘Planet”….
your results, and experiences are the ‘atmosphere’ of your planet.” Planet means your world, your life, and whatever is in it. You have control over that and how you react to it.
Then affirm with all your being:
“I carefully choose what is true on my ‘planet’, and what I agree with. I now choose wealth, health, happiness and love in abundance”  
Magnificent love,

Nan Akasha, CHT Enlightened Wealth Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Break 6 Figures while in alignment with  your Soul, Spiritual & Financial Evolution

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