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Show me the money process revealed

By October 10, 2011 Blog

Since I did my 2 “Secrets of the Spirit if Money” calls, a dam has broken and Women all over are getting insights! Saturday’s call I took you through a process and gave you a tool to find money for whatever you want.. did you hear it?

And if you think you want to attend my ALL NEW LIVE Experience where — for the FIRST TIME EVER — I’m revealing my Spiritual Money  Manifesting Method – step by step secrets on HOW you can finally BREAK FREE of $ Money Bondage $ … BreakFree from Mo.ney Blocks & Master Your Money Mind &
Manifest Your Dream Business… for Women.  GP HERE FOR MORE INFO and to see the EZ 4-Pay Option: http://nanakasha.com/spiritofmoneylive/

and are undecided on how… see what one women says:

“As one woman commented “I have a family and debt”. Well, I do as well but I have complete faith in Nan
and her teachings and I am willing to jump in an go deeper. There is no way I will walk away with nothing!
My family supports me 100% and really, they will benefit :)” Lisa Lyle

Most people have debt… most people have a family… most people have a long list of excuses and reasons why they CAN’T do the things they want and they know will change their lives for the better… it is the nature of your subconscious… it is designed to keep you where you are now and to show you all the reasons you should say “No” to a breakthrough opportunity… because it KNOWS YOU WILL CHANGE!

I did the 2 free calls to address this… to show you how to see and find the mo.ney, and to empower you to know why you are not taking your $$ Income to the next level, where-ever you are… I even walked you through a “Show me the money” process… how to find the money you need, twice in two different ways!

get the calls here:


I spoke to some brave and beautiful women this weekend, and they are doing whatever it takes to make their business, life and income a thriving success. Even if they have fear… even if they have doubt… even if they have people around them that say ‘you shouldn’t because’… how about you? Is it time to get past your excuses and breakfree from your money mind prison?


Today at midnight the EZ 4 -Pay option for my live event goes away… I really want to see you step up and say “yes” to yourself… and I want to make it EZ for you to make this happen… because if you do not address your money emotions, fears, misconceptions, beliefs and blocks now… you will just have to do it later… and NOW is the only moment…

or you will be living that life of ‘what if…. I had done this… what if…” and that is just exhausting.

If you are tired of trying to make your business grow, looking for more clients but afraid to ask for money, and have thoughts of fear and doubt whenever you want to make more money or spend mo.ney… then this is the moment for you to step up and take back your mind… your ability to manifest whatever you desire… and most of all… reclaim the money that is already here for you…

then it is time to join me in November for an 11-11-11 event that will change the game you are playing forever!


And I am available to talk to you one on one… contact me  [email protected]

It’s time… the energies are just going to keep speeding up, don;t get pulled into a undertow of fear and lack… ride the wave of abundance…

join me!  Love, Nan

PS More info my new LIVE event for Women in transition
or Women in business who want to be free of the money blocks
and fears so their income can SOAR!$$…

I also revealed some new things I have added to the Live event:

Now I am going to do TWO Pre-event calls for anyone who signs up, specifically designed for you so find and see the money and get a head start in creating more income before you even come to the event!
I am adding a special 11-11-11 module, both on the phone and LIVE for anyone who arrives Friday 11-11-11

I want you to find a way to make your income increase,
your business thrive and get your
special talents out into the world.. let me help you figure out how.


That is just the Truth of the Universe and it’s laws of manfiesting…

That is why everyone in business or who wants to
uplevel their income and be free of
worry over money needs this event…

HOW you can finally BREAK FREE of $ Money Bondage $ …
BreakFree from Mo.ney Blocks & Master Your Money Mind &
Manifest Your Dream Business… for Women.

and it’s taking place November 12 & 13 in the beautiful Hill
Country in Austin TX

Over 2 days, I’m going to walk you through three doorways..
to Master your Mind, Master Money, and Master Manifesting…
what could be more important in any business, in anything you do?
Money is not only a necessity in life, but you cannot build a
business without it.

You’re going to learn how to breakFREE From Mo.ney Bondage… where
you fear and worry about money, in fact, you will learn how to
master your money mind and live from the security of knowing where
and what money is and how to get it when you want…this is TRUE

I have some really special bonuses (including a Private one on one
Coaching session with me after the event to help keep you on track
and Gourmet lunch and brunch during the event) but even more
importantly, I can’t stress how important it is for you to take
action NOW.

You see, there are only 24 seats (19 now) in this gorgeous Spa and Resort
Italian Villa overlooking Lake Travis… and this intimate
atmosphere is essential to the LUXURY Transformative EXPERIENCE…
so there is a very REAL chance this will sell out very quickly.

This amazing Experience unlike ANYTHING you have experienced…
ALL your SENSES will be awakened… your learning and changing takes
place on multiple dimensions… mentally, emotionally, physically..
spiritually..and financially.
http://nanakasha.com/ spiritofmoneylive/

But remember, you need to make a decision quickly. My 4-pay and
ends Monday Oct 10th at midnight. So go reserve your seat now, and
once you’ve made that decision… your shifts will begin and you
will feel great… move forward powerfully, then you can check out
those plane reservations and sitters and watch how easily it all
falls into place to support your Money Breakthrough!