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Who wants to finish 2011 with a $ bang $?

By December 1, 2011 August 23rd, 2012 Blog

We are about to enter the last 30 days of this amazing year…

  • have you made the money you desired this year?
  • Have you grown your business, client base to what you want?
  • Are you feeling on purpose and passionate about what you are doing?
  • Do you feel ready for 2012 and going to the next level of income, joy and purpose?

If you answered “NO” to any or all of these… then pay close attention because I have something to make December 2011 your best month yet… and help you get ready for a magnificent 2012.

What if I could show you a way to get a fast and profound BOOST to your income and business before the end of 2011?

Would you say “YES!” and grab that opportunity?

Everything you desire… including the money is ALREADY HERE…you just need a guide to show you how to Manifest it!

I have opened up 3 all day spots in December to do a One on One VIP day with the first 3 people who DECIDE and TAKE ACTION.

What you want is here… right around you, in this very moment and I can help you see it…
but you have to transform your Money Story…

I can show you

  • how to unlock it the money and opportunities in your life right now
  • how to identify your blocks & know how to move past them
  • transform your subconscious beliefs
  • Get more clients, more income
  • Strategize your business or money making path for 2012
  • how to SEE the MONEY that is all around you waiting
    to help; you fulfill your potential.

To talk to me about if a VIP DAY is for you, go her and grab a spot to talk to me…

(The 20 minute chat is no-cost. The VIP day is a paid service)

(If you do not see a time available you need, email Laura at [email protected] and she will help)

And because I am so passionate about helping you not only prepare for 2012, but finish 2011 with a $$BANG $$…
I am including 2 follow up coaching calls with me and one of my famous Soul Readings, that are only available to my private clients!

Decide and it is yours… this is the Truth of the Universe.

I am here.. much love, Nan