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High Income Hypnosis

By December 2, 2011 Blog

I wanted to share something new and exciting with you…. my new “High Income” Hypnosis…and Gracie’s story.

I have been a energy and Spiritual healer for 25 years, and a hypnotherapist for 10 years. I have seen the most amazing things when you learn to work with your mind, and Master it. Even more magic begins when you combine Universal laws and money manifestation mastery. Your mind is a POWERFUL thing… and you control it. When you access the subconscious, you can change your life FAST! Your income $$ too!
I am going to share some real magic with you via video next week and you will get to see inside the magical 11-11-11 event “Secrets to the Spirit of Money”.
Below I wanted to share something from one beautiful woman who attended, flying in all the way from Italy for the event and going through probably more to make it all happen than anyone (and there are a lot of brave stories!)…
Gracie, like many, had something happen in her life a few years back that stopped the flow of abundance in her life and she has been stuck. Unable to clear the block and get past the sense of betrayal, pain and self doubt, she came to a decision… nothing will stop her…

and she came all the way from Italy to the Spirit of Money live event.
In my recent ‘high income hypnosis’ (where we get to the cause, not mess around with symptoms) session with Gracie, we went in direct to the cause, and transformed it. We released the blocks, she took her power back and then she opened to a whole new level of awareness and energy.  For a long time the energy flow more and more freely through and to her. Once she could speak she was almost without words for the experience and she continued transforming for days.
Her mental block and fears had kept her blocked from the flow of abundance and the clarity and support she has been desiring and unable to access. cleared such a deep block within her, that energy literally poured through her for the first time in years and she was lifted to a new state of consciousness. A new reality.
Here is a recent email from her:
” Dearest Special Nan,

I had forgotten completely how it was and is when you have your kundalini awaken,
this one and one with you is still so strong,that eventhough you are not infront of me
my head is still spinning,just at the thought of you. no words can explain what went on
in me. It was like over turning everything and making it anew.
Reverence and Gratitude to you Nan from my heart, the experience was really what I was not
expecting,as I said your voice was and is still coming through to me from afar as if its on
a three D the voice of an angel ,showing me the pathway, the things around me just seems
to take on a new colour, everything is full of warmth, and all this with a spin here and there
of my head, make things to be unreal.I am aware that it will take alittle time to settle down
but at the same time I know the change has begun, Its not so easy to put in words yet
The amazing thing is its real the synergy and synapsis that working around and within is more
than what words can explain. I wanted to let you know  that i do apreciate the love and the greatness
and strength of desire to reach every soul to wake them up.I can tell you Nan  I’m now upside down,I have to stop for a moment as my head is turning again, I embrace you with all my love  Gracey “
High Income hypnosis is a powerful tool to change the cause, and directly clear the blocks and the patterns that stop you from success. It is part of my coaching and mastermind programs.  Stay tuned to learn more next week.
To learn if high income hypnosis is for you set a time to speak with Nan ==>CLICK HERE<==