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[Video] Do you really expect to get what you want?

By December 20, 2011 December 22nd, 2011 Blog

In this video, you see the damage of indecision and get to explore a KEY to you being able to manifest the money you desire. If you do not expect to get what you want, how can it be given to you?

Indecision is a huge problem and causes masses of procrastination and unhappiness, not to mention poverty!
Indecision in business and making money can cost you big paydays. lucrative opportunities and more struggle rather than more profits.
If you get stuck in what I call ‘the indecision zone”… you could be stuck for an indefinite amount of time. Procrastination, and no or slow results will be your reality.
Enjoy this quick video from Secrets of the Spirit of Money Live Event 11-11-11
I go into the excuses, lack and faith and why money is controlling your decisions and doubt and fear are a way of life.


I would love it if you would share these videos with anyone you know could benefit, I am on a mission to create a tipping point of wealth consciousness on the planet… so the more we share and uplift each other with empowering insights, the sooner we will all master manifesting money on demand and fulfilling our purpose! The damage of indecision is deep. In business and making money indecision will keep you stuck for an indefinite

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