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This secret lie inside you is holding you back

By March 12, 2012 March 15th, 2012 Blog

There is a secret lie inside you… and it’s whole purpose is to hold you back and keep you from increasing your money, your happiness and your lifestyle.

It’s a lie you were told long ago as a child… and it keeps showing up over and over to tell you again and again how unworthy you are, how much you do not deserve, and how much you have to go without and accept the way things are.

It fills you full of fear… it keeps you paralyzed from taking action… it distracts you and fills you full of doubts.

It says “You are not good enough”…”You don’t deserve that” “Who do you think you are to have more?”…

Your money story is holding you back and keeping you in lack. In fact it is stopping you from living the rich, abundant life you truly desire in the deep secret place in your heart. It is keeping you from starting a business, growing a business and getting more clients, sharing boldly who you are and what you offer… and it keeps you playing small because you think you do not deserve to have what you want… RIGHT?

Even if you are making $100,000… $500,000…. you have a money story that is limiting you and keeping you from the next level of service, and success. It is a legacy of family opinions and stories…

Worst of all is you may not know for awhile what damage your money story is doing to you… because it may not show up for weeks, months, even years… and you are working hard, building your income and hoping for the best.

So… If you are designed with access to all the money, love and abundance that you can imagine… and you are born worthy, Divine and loved, fully equipped to know what you want and how to create it and all the support you could ever need… what is going on?

Does this sound familiar?

“I”m stuck in old beliefs and patterns and I can’t seem to get out of my own way.  I keep finding distractions to prevent me from living my own life and writing my own story.  Instead I fall into other peoples beliefs and patterns because it’s what I’ve always done.  I see how my mothers money beliefs are often mine for awhile and how quickly I give away my powers thinking that I can somehow help the other person by living in their story.
I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown because I don’t see a way to solve the problems and I don’t know how to change this story.”

or “I procrastinate. Fear talking to some people.  Hold back.”

Does this sound familiar?

What is your money story? Look at what you think and feel and believe about yourself and money, being worthy of having what you want… and ask yourself WHO told you that? Who is in your head? Who’s opinion is it? Because it is not truth!

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