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One decision to Prosperous Peace or Cycles of Fear and Lack

By May 3, 2012 Blog
Prosperous Peace or Cycles of Fear and Lack... Which are you choosing right now in your life?

For over 5 years now the world economy has been changing drastically…  and most people have not figured out how to keep up.

Are you letting LACK rule and control the direction and decisions you are making?  95% of people are….

YOU are ONE DECISION away from Becoming LOST in the world of LACK and POVERTY!

What does that MEAN for you? It literally means you are one decision away from Being one of the:
  • 24 Million unemployed
  • 180 Million getting Divorced & crashing your personal economy
  • 50 Million who’s home mortgage is worth more than your house
  • 47 Million who need government assistance to eat
  • 50 Million who cannot afford to go to a Dr.

(This is only in the USA! Maybe you are one of the 95% of the world who lives in poverty or survival…)

Do you REALLY WANT to keep living one step from becoming a victim because you are not empowered with the knowledge to make the change you desire to make??

Here is the GOOD NEWS:

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]This also means you are ONE DECISION away from Becoming Empowered with the CORRECT knowledge to Live in a world of WEALTH and OPPORTUNITY.[/text_bar_2]

It’s all here… right now… it’s up to you. It is YOUR CHOICE! NO one else can make it for you.
I have a SOLUTION for you… it is real

  • It goes to the CAUSE of this in your life..
  • It EMPOWERS you to know what to do & how to do it
  • It REMOVES THE FEARS and BLOCKS that Hold you back from taking the steps into this kingdom of abundance.
The SOLUTION? ADAPT.   How? Free yourself from the CAUSE within you that is creating the effects – results in your life now, and from what is holding you back from reaching your dreams, goals and income you desire.
Right now everyone is looking for how to succeed in the new economy. The key is not one thing…it is 4 Specific Steps. These keys are what I will walk you through step by step LIVE June 2 & 3 at my All new Live event “Create Your On Money Miracle Now”
 Like all life forms, we MUST ADAPT to the new Economic and Financial Current...
Start by REALIZING YOU have the ability to change... and you want change… and you are trying really hard to reach your goals… but it may not be working for you as fast or exactly the way you want because you are you trying to make changes from
  • Fear & Blame
  • Not knowing what will really make the difference (uncertainty)
  • Trying to make others and outside circumstances change
Fighting against something that is broken does not fix anything! Stop trying to break patterns and beliefs you have inside without help… you probably already have seen how working harder, longer is not working. Poverty mentality, or what I call the “poor girl” inside you, was formed long ago by beliefs your family gave you and other authority figures. It is not truth, and any thinking that says “there’s not enough”, “I am not meant to be successful” or “I can’t make more money no matter what I try”… is all based in lack… that is poverty living in your mind. It is like poison.
I can help you get it out, so you can see and feel and experience your natural state of abundance and manifest your ideal income.
Here is a key in one of the steps I will walk you through in my live event:
To get a new RESULT you have to Come from a new Perspective.
[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]The only thing that will get you out of Poverty is to remove Poverty from your mind.[/headline_arial_small_centered]
If you keep trying to adapt to a lack mentality and get new results, it will never work. It just keeps you stuck.

BREAK OUT of this pattern… and join me LIVE for 2 days in June where you will get the ANSWERS you seek, Remove the blocks to knowing what to do and actually doing it. 

The BEST way I can help you know how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be is to set a time to talk to me
Do it now, CLICK HERE…   I am honored to be able to help you see  how you can get what you most desire
In service,
PS When you let me help you get past your blocks, LIVE…I am helping you help your clients… and we create a ripple of wealth, worthiness and joy…