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Tips to live the high life

By June 23, 2012 Blog

You know me as doing High Income Hypnosis and I’ve been thinking about about you. I know that you want something more.

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  • You want to fill your practice… fill your business full of the best clients for you.
  • You want to fill your bank account full of the amount of money that you desire.
  • You want to fill your life full of meaning and purpose and joy and expansion.
[/black_arrow_list] And this is really the definition of the “High Life.” Maybe you never thought you were someone who would live the High Life. Maybe you thought you were never somebody to deserve the High Life or thought that there was for you to have the High life. And I want to encourage you right now to start to live the High Life, whatever that is for you.

So let’s look at that for a minute. So what do you get in the high life? What does “live the high life” mean? Well if you look at the definition of “High” it means

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  • exceeding the common degree or measure. That means it goes out of its average.
  • It’s strong, intense, high speed.
  • It’s tall, lofty, elevated great, high,
  • luxurious, rich, extravagant.
  • It can be a euphoric state. You can feel high after doing something wonderfully, performing or speaking really well, or maybe you play sports and you performed your best and won 1st place. You’d feel like you’re on a high, you don’t say “You’re on a low,” we don’t say that. We say, “We’re on a high.”
[/green_plus_2_list] High is the best. The high life might mean expensive or glamorous or elegant, but it only really means what is ideal to you. What do you truly want? Are you letting yourself want what you want? Are you allowing yourself to have the high life to believe that that spirit of opulence is all around you?

There’s a whole feeling  and image behind the idea of the High Life; “Beautiful people, Café Society, creme de la creme, the best, elite.” The High Life is what everyone should be shooting for. You’re not here to live small. You’re here to give in a big way and receive in a big way so that you can keep Expanding into your best.

If you’re building a business, you want the best clients for you. And you want them to get the best results. And you want to do your best in what you do. That means you want to perform at a high level… “High Performance.” That means we’re being our best. We’re taking our talents and we’re sharing them and we’re finding the people who can appreciate them and want them. And they get the best and we get the best. And we all get to live the high life.

So I want to encourage you to decide you deserve to live the high life… because for me, I’m a high income strategist. I help people strategize, how to raise their income and live a High Life. The Best – You deserve the Best.

You deserve to be the best, and share the best and accept that you’re here to be who you are in a very unique way. There is no one else that can be you. You need to be the best you that there is and perform at your highest. You need to have the feeling and the knowing that when you perform at your best, you’re co-creating a high income, high results. You’re performing at a high level. You’re helping your clients get a high income and a high result from their life too.

I want you to join me in embracing your High Life, High Income and High potential. There’s a couple ways that you can join me and I am here to help you strategize how to create a high life for you.
One based on exactly who you are and exactly what you want. One based on you finding your talent and sharing them, accepting who you are so that you can perform at a high level, be paid a high income, and fell a high level of fulfillment and satisfaction because you’re being your best.

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(2) Join my Money Manifestation Method Mastermind and get a high level support for Six (6) full months to transform your business, your clientele and your income so that you’re living the high life come New Year of 2013.
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Much Love,