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Videos to transform your limited money story forever

By September 19, 2013 Blog
Nan here with an all new NO COST video training series for you – “Transform your Limited Money Story Forever”…
that will SHOCK and AMAZE you  – and give you a peek inside why you may not be making, keeping, growing the kind of money you need and desire in your life and business.
[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#000000″]The first video is all ready for you – it is called “Uncovering Your Family Legacy with Money”[/headline_georgia_medium_left] Transform your Limited Money Story Forever
  • Do you suspect that your feelings, beliefs, attitudes and family legacy around money is holding you back or keeping you broke?
  • Do you know you have limiting beliefs about your VALUE, charging your worth or asking for money?
  • Do you want to break free of your Money Glass Ceiling and make more than ever before?
  • Do you see yourself repeating patterns with money that you want to break?

Then this video series is for you!

Everyone has a Money Story… it is what you learned from family, society and experience when you were young and at times in your life.
Now, as an adult, these beliefs and subconscious programming is affecting you in ways you do not even know –
  1. Your Money Story makes your DECISIONS for you, so really you do not have a choice,…
  2. Your Money Story prevents you from seeing and taking action on opportunities
  3. Your Money Story affects your ability to grow a profitable, fun business
  4. Your Money Story tells you what you can have, what you are good enough for, and what you deserve
  5. Your Money Story is the default program that determines whether you will succeed or struggle , whether you will get funding, charge higher rates or invest and grow your wealth.
Your Money Story  determines your lifestyle and quality of life… don’t you think it is time to TRANSFORM IT to one that supports
you in creating the lifestyle and business you desire?
 Please leave a comment and share this information, everyone needs it!