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What are your biggest blocks to a bliss business?

By October 6, 2013 October 9th, 2013 Blog

What is your BIGGEST challenge to building a BLISS BUSINESS? I am doing a livestream training on October 23rd  on “The New Feminine Bliss Business Formula”bliss word and I want to know what you most feel you need! CLICK HERE TO GET FREE ACCESS NOW!

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]What is a BLISS BUSINESS?[/headline_arial_small_left]

A business that

  • Expresses your personal Style, value, passion and purpose freely, fully and flowingly
  • Makes Exceptional Money! Multiple streams of cash flow that make your Bank Account BLISS OUT with more Money to build your business, support your lifestyle and build your foundation of wealth and legacy
  • Delivers your talents (services/products) to your Dream clients in a way that nurtures, solves, uplifts and transforms you both from Soul to
  • is DESIGNED to maximize your Impact and Influence and fuel your LIFESTYLEwoman-in-bliss


PLEASE share with me your biggest blocks, challenges, patterns and fears to BEING IN your BLISS, finding your Bliss and keeping yourself in your BLISS so you can operate from your full, nurtured potential.

BLISS: Extreme happiness; ecstasy  

BLISS BUSINESS: a business (exchanging your talents for money) that brings extreme happiness to all those in and connected to the business.

You see Women just like you and me have been building businesses from the MASCULINE Paradigm of

  • force not faith
  • worry not worth
  • chase not attract
  • logic not intuition

Now it’s time to create a NEW ECONOMY that is based on feeding your feminine essence and power and building from Bliss not stress.


PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW so I can better serve you! and REMEMBER to CLICK HERE NOW to get registered for “The New Feminine Business Bliss Formula” Livestream FREE training with me for 3 hours Oct 23rd