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[From Slow to Flow] Tip #2 for Crystal CLARITY

By November 26, 2013 December 2nd, 2013 Blog

It’s such a fun week, full of THANK YOU energy Clarity

so I start this email saying THANKS – to you –
for being a part of my community and making the world a brighter place!
I am honored to get to travel with you on this journey and see how we can lift each other up!
So yesterday we began our journey into CLARITY
The top 3 reasons women want MORE Clarity and Tip #1
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Today here is Tip #2: Decide. Choose. Know.
Clarity gives you energy, motivation, direction, confidence, focus and answers. It makes everything 100x easier. Many women build businesses without clarity on such important things such as
small-check-markWho do I most wish to serve?  Ideal Client
small-check-markWhat is my Juicy WHY – why am I doing this?
small-check-markWhat is my financial goal for my business an personal life?
This lack of clarity is keeping you stuck, in a slow growth pattern, or even declining or getting roller coaster results.
Clarity requires you to be willing to Decide what you love, and how you want to experience it.
Only you can decide for you. Much of your mind and other powers you have, will lie dormant until you decide. Your mind will not give you tons of information about a topic if you have not decided it is important to you. You cannot be aware of everything everywhere all at once.
You cannot reach your goals – Financial or Service or Lifestyle without knowing what they are, being willing to define them and know HOW you want them and when.
It takes courage to DECIDE, because you might be disappointed to not reach your goals, or worry you’ll fail, look foolish. It’s sooo worth it though. You can TRIPLE your speed – easily – by backing up, slowing down and get CLARITY on the key targets in your business and life.
Financial targets like getting your business to $100K 6 Figures this year… or making $50,000 a month require you having clarity on all of these:
  • How much $
  • In what time frame
  • Providing What
  • Purpose for the money
OR your Service goals -like
  • “I want to serve 50,000 people in my community (your list)”
  • “I have 12 private dream clients who get excellent results”
  • ” I serve 45 amazing clients in my transformative group programs”
OR your Personal goals like
  • “I am calm, confident, and present and attract dream clients by being me”
  • “I live at the beach and am energized by the ocean”
  • “I love being the best! People respect my skills and love my work. I have a waiting list of clients for my services.”
I understand – somewhere deep inside you don’t want clarity – because if you had CRYSTAL CLARITY on your purpose, next steps and what to do each day to get your desired results – then your life would change. You’d be happy, wealthy, and in service in a big way. That just might be a little scary to your inner security beliefs. It does not mean though, that you have to stay where you are.
You get to CHOOSE. Make sure you are choosing from your heart, not what others say or think.
Let go of the fear of clarity and allow it in. What will your next step be?
Please share this blog with others who desire more clarity (who doesn’t!) and your ideas below -many thanks!
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Over the next few days I am going to give you tips on how to achieve the clarity you most desire,
and then I’ll share a process.
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