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SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome

By November 27, 2013 December 2nd, 2013 Blog
“I DON’T KNOW”… ‘ooo look shiny!!”…
This loss of focus called “SOS” is costing you hundreds of hours a year in lost productivity, lost hours, lost dollars. Not to mention the frustration and disappointment of not getting real results.
Lack of clarity is such a prevalent and pervasive problem and it gets in the way of your joy, love, money and success… and that’s got to STOP!!
This is actually a sneaky way for your inner saboteur to distract you from the focus that will get you new results.When a new idea captures your imagination and attention and you get distracted from or abandon your plan (if you have one) and go off on tangents instead of remaining focused on the goal, you have just broken your momentum and SLOWED down your results.
‘SOS’ has derailed the success of many people who have real potential to be very successful.
SOLUTION? Get CLARITY on your goals, and then learn to maintain your focus long enough to complete a goal.
The top 3 biggest mistakes about SOS:
  1. You think it is Divinely guided idea that will make it all easier
  2. You are energized by a false sense of ‘taking action’ but since it is off track, it gets you nowhere
  3. Your inner fears are trying to avoid something you are afraid of doing yet know will get you good results – but you think the fear is a warning.
This is such a COMMON challenge for women that it is almost always at the root of lack of results and success.
Once had a client who made jewelry and clothes and sold to boutiques and stores. She had a big fear of talking to the stores, and every time she would get up the courage to do it, SOS would jump in and she’d go on a mad, passionate binge of making a whole new jewelry line and stay up for days straight.
Now, yes, SOMETIMES the idea is brilliant and can be implemented now… but rarely is this true, In the end she would run out of steam, and a few days or weeks later she’d look up and see she had done nothing real to move her business forward, and had just spent a whole lot of time creating something she had no idea f the stores wanted.
#1 Solution: Get Clarity on your strategy, $ goals and plan… get a coach if you do not know how

#2 Solution: Ask these questions before following the shininess:

  1. WiIl this move me towards my immediate goals faster?
  2. Is this something I want to do, be and have?
  3. Is this something my clients really want?

Clarity will save you so many hours and so much money, and the bigger benefit… peace of mind and happiness!

Please comment and share this and let me know about your experiences with ‘SOS”!
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