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Stay true to your dream don’t let the fear monster take you out

By January 25, 2014 Blog
Do you have fear , doubt and chaos come up when you make a bold decision make your dreams for a profitable, fun business come true?
I see it a lot. Over and over. Soon as a woman is brave and courageous and says yes to herself and invests in herself, the fear monster comes up Fear mind killerand the chaos factor kicks in.
If you’ve ever found yourself make a bold decision to say yes to a coach or program, trip or something that involves you investing money in yourself and then the fear kicks in and your mind goes over and over – that is what I call the chaos factor.
The chaos factor is stopping you from doing what you want and trusting yourself and making it happen and it’s time to stop listening to it. When you follow your heart, even if you feel scared, that this is the next best step for you.  You have to make a commitment to yourself that you will back up your decision and turn down the volume on all the voices in your head saying you can’t,  its too big, you shouldn’t do it – you’re being irresponsible.
If you don’t decide it’s time to trust yourself, no one else will.
Yes, it’s scary to do something you’ve never done before, to commit to a path that you know will force you to change. But when is it going to be time for you to stop listening to the negativity? To stop playing small? Stop settling and waiting.?
[headline_georgia_small_centered color=”#000000″]No one ever achieved anything great, wonderful , amazing and impactful by playing safe. [/headline_georgia_small_centered]
It’s not safe to play small, it’s not safe to stay where you are, it’s not safe to not take that leap of faith.
Believe me I know how it feels. I stepped off a cliff without knowing what was underneath my feet so many times and I’m terrified every time.  But if you do it and you get help you will have the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced in your life, your income and your fulfillment.
Success and true transformation and true impact never feel easy or safe or comfortable –  that’s the whole point. NEW is not familiar, and if you let your subconscious convince you that you made a mistake or you can’t do it… nothing new will happen.
The deepest self sabotage I see women do over and over is either not say yes to the opportunity being handed to them that they know will take them the next level because it feels a little scary or to make that decision and then undo it. This is where your trust in yourself is being killed over and over and over. You have to stay true to your decisions, follow through, know the help is there, know the fear is not truth. Know the chaos factor is trying to destroy your faith and confidence in yourself and stop you from following your passion and making the income you desire.
Why? Because that’s the part of you that is supposed to keep you where you are. You have to stretch are your dreams there not to fall in your lap.
You have to take a leap of faith and until you do and you decide to trust yourself and step out of your comfort zone things will never change.
You have to grow to get to that next level to make the money you want to find the clients that you want to serve and live your passion.
One of my most valuable things that I offer my clients is to hold that space of absolute belief that I know they can do whatever it is they feel drawn to do and hold their hand and to help them manage that fear as they step into saying yes to themselves.
 Stay true to your dream and decide right now not to let the chaos fear monster get you.

 If if you want support and help from a coach or program or group of women that can help you walk through that fear and actually realize your dreams then let me know. That’s what I’m here for.
I believe in you.
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