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A call to women all over the planet

By March 12, 2014 Blog

I am calling out to you… yes you! As a woman alive today, you have a HUGE opportunity, AND a HUGE responsibility. There has never been a moment like this in history and there has never been an opportunity like this before. What am I talking about? The “New Feminine Economy™”!Closeup portrait of smiling young girls isolated on white

I had a vision over 3 years ago of a book, floating over my head and it was called The “New Feminine Economy™”. Since then I have been watching, researching and working with women to help them make money blissfully –  by both creating a business based on their BLISS and by changing their money story – their beliefs, and feelings about their value, and about how to charge their true worth – so they can build a Recurring Income and then GROW it.

Women have a long and convoluted history with money, wealth and value. Most of the 80% of people living in poverty on the planet are women. Yet today, women are opening more businesses and there are more women in the workplace. It’s time women reclaimed their power with money. Money is power – oower in the sense that is opens opportunities and gives support and fuel to ideas, builds hospitals and makes it possible for dreasm to become reality.

I am calling out to women now – to stand u pand claim their power with money, their true value and SPEAK UP. Women need to see they have the power to make a greater change at a deeper level than even they can imagine – but they have to be willing to ASK for what they want and SHARE their talents and gifts. Women need to transform the legacy of poverty and create change in how we work, interact, connect and serve.

There is a whole new paradigm ready to burst forthan economic and lifestyle paradigm that women can co create to make it friendly to be able to live, care for our children and families, and reach the people who need our services and gifts.

Wealth is a gift from source – we have a responsibility to see our value and charge it, to serve and impact from our authentic selves, and to create a way of working that supports ourselves, and our families and communities.

So what are you doing  – right now – to increase your wealth consciousness, increase your income and increase your impact? Is it working? Are you asking for help and getting support or trying to do it alone? Are you building a real business that has recurring income, a solid list and full programs? Do you feel you are being, giving and expressing your very best? NOW is the time!

My passion is to:

  • uplift women, and help them discover the truth of the amazing value deep within.
  • To accept who they are, and enjoy it fully with no guilt, shame or regret
  • Open your eyes to the stunning variety of opportunities always available to you
  • Discover the courage, confidence and resilience coupled with mindset, marketing and money skills

My call to you is to take a LEAP of faith – to step out into the unknown and re-discover our truth, your power, your voice and your wealth. Turn your life into a beacon of light that expresses the fullest potential you have and unlocks doors to the next level. Trust yourself, your desires, your vision and detach from anything thing that stops you from being the best you can be. The time is ripe and you are about to start a TRUST WALK of depth and discovery.

Please join me in stepping into your BIG VISION, be your BEST SELF and learn to WALK ON AIR… join me in my TRUST WALK – and begin one of your own.

I am following faith and inner guidance and taking leaps into what I want most, without a net, no idea how, or who or where, and letting the Universe support me and step up … so far the results are miraculous! Everything from invitations to stay in homes, meals and plane tickets gifted to me… and each step of the way,I am fully present and allowing myself to sat present and aware. There’s no room for doubt, fear or guilt – it’s present moment survival that is peaceful and full of love, not fear… and teaches trust which will open your eyes to the abundance of opportunity already all around you!

It’s about giving and receiving at levels you never thought of before, and then living into your vision now, not later.

Stay tuned for more on how you can begin your TRUST WALK – and live into your fullest potential at this moment when women can make a bigger impact than ever before.

I love you, I believe in you. I know you – are great. Now is the time to BE IT.

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]ACTION: Come join my community of “The New Feminine Economy”… we are creating a new paradigm of business, relationships and wealth. You can also join the League of Extraordinary Women[/headline_arial_small_left]