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I am in the new book think and grow rich for women

By March 19, 2014 Blog
I want to share some wonderful news with you and CELEBRATE! I was so tickled to get this email yesterday:
“Dear NanI am thrilled to celebrate you in my newest book, Think and Grow Rich for Women, along with other
women who have shared their wisdom, encouragement and enthusiasm to help other women.  Not only
have you achieved great success…you are living a life of true significance.Think and Grow Rich for Women is featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly this week which will create
excitement and anticipation within the book trade for the book’s release on June 17th!

While the steps to realizing success are the same for men and women, I believe we approach

those steps very differently from men. The original Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hillnin 1937 from a male perspective, when all of the titans of business were men. Think and Grow Rich for Women applies Napoleon Hill’s wealth-building principles to the lives of modern women, combining Hill’s classic 13 Steps to Success with the insights and experience gathered from hundreds of remarkable
women–including Sandra Day O’Connor, Angela Merkel, Condoleezza Rice, Tory Burch, Mary Kay founder Mary Kay Ash, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and YOU.  It provides a blueprint for women to define and achieve their goals, live their dreams, overcome obstacles, and seize opportunities.Think and Grow Rich for Women is a true celebration of women. I want to replace the “work-life balance” guilt trip that so many women struggle over with the desire to live “one big life” filled with love, family, success, and significance.I would love to share how I acknowledged you in the book and our plans for its launch on June 17th.

Please share the news with your network and send them to www.sharonlechter.com/women to preorder the book.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Sharon Lechter

This is pretty monumental, and I am thrilled to be a part of this historic book and movement!

Please go  preorder your book today – and let’s celebrate this amazing time we are a part of!

Happy… happy… happy