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[Free training] How to stay motivated when the cash isn’t coming in…

By May 1, 2014 Blog

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated, inspired and follow through – when you’re building your business – if cash isn’t coming in?

LeadPages™-1I do.I get bored, frustrated, annoyed and anxious.I see it all the time – people just like you – so passionate about what you do… But with no list or a client database – no idea where your next client is coming from… then you start to think something else needs to be fixed…I’ve helped visionaries around the world just like you build Bliss Businesses – rich in cash-flow and time freedom.

Here’s where you are going in the wrong direction: your slow cash-client-flow makes you look to fix these things:

  • Changing your website or business card – colors etc
  • Create something new (course/book/product) or look to something outside of you like an MLM
  • Spend more time on Facebook and social media thinking it will actually bring in clients
  • Waiting for God or the Universe to give you the idea or the direction. Then the wait begins…Listen – these are NOT money making activities. You need to know WHAT to focus on to create recurring cash-flow! I want to help you stop waiting. I hate waiting. In fact once I heard someone say ‘wait’ is a four letter word. I totally agree.
  • If you’re waiting for the clients to find you.
  • If you’re waiting for your list to build itself.
  • If you’re waiting for one or two people who said yes they think you’re great but they didn’t put any money down… 

You need to STOP and get real help now. What are you waiting for? If you are ready to give up doing it the hard way and most of all you want to make great money then Mark your calendar and join me LIVE May 2nd for and all new 90-min LIVE training called “The Money-Flow Formula: Manifesting the Cash-Flow for Your Bliss Life & Biz!” —-> You can get access info by CLICKING here now.

Right now I suggest that you decide to be there live – it’s time for you to stop waiting and wondering if you are doing the right things -don’t you agree? Stop waiting start acting and start generating the cash….That’s what I want to give you – a plan so you can have the happiness and freedom that makes your life fulfilling and worthwhile. See you May 2nd at noon Pacific…Do it now so you don’t forget! >>CLICK HERE<< to get your No Cost Ticket to my 90-min LIVE training called “The Money-Flow Formula: Manifesting the Cash-Flow for Your Bliss Life & Biz!” I would be so honored if you would share this link with anyone you know would benefit from more time, more money and more freedom… thanks