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How my week off can show you a powerful tip to more money blissfully

By June 27, 2014 Blog

I have been enjoying an amazing week off – you see… I have created my “bliss” based business (doing what I LOVE)…  and I designed it so I get to take the 4th week of each month as an “integration” week – and I might work, create, sleep, spa, travel, read…. whatever feeds my soul so I can serve bigger and better than ever when I come back to serve Nan beach next week.

Sounds like an amazing life – right? I agree! Yes – you see I spent many, many years working all the time, being stressed out and often not even making enough.

I no longer settle for less than what I really want and divinely deserve!!

I created a Bliss Business – one that brings bliss to me, my clients and the world all by being the most me I can be… pretty cool – huh??? Well, I want that for you with all my heart… and I see one thing get in the way every time….

Are you ready to stop underearning , overworking and being in doubt and fear?

Great – cause I have to tell you that you have to make that decision and then – magic happens..
So the first thing I want to share with you is this TIP:

  1. Decide what you want, and do not accept anything less.
    Inside you make that commitment and then begin to seek the solution. This is a path, like a hero’s journey – that will repeat and grow and expand and take you to the doors in your own PERSONAL BLISS FIELD that are waiting to open only for you!!
  2. See it – I mean once you decide – you immediately put your mind into seeking the solution – by seeing what you want as vividly as you can in the end form. (I tell my Bliss Business School students – BE a “Solution Seeker” – the answer = Door – is INSIDE the problem!!)
  3. Ask your mind to show you the next step – and as soon as your POOR GIRL pops up and starts to say anything that is negative, doubting or fear based – you say
    “Thank you for sharing, but not now, I have to focus”… and turn your focus back to the next step on your solution path.
[content_box_red width=”75%”]Now I can hear some of you saying… Personal Bliss Field??? What is that – ahhh this is the really juicy gem – you actually live on your own planet, in your own reality and it is designed just for you , so you exist inside of a BLISS FIELD that is ready to support you and provide for you in any moment, but the reasons it does not seem that way to you, is you never knew it and you do not know how to let down the invisible mind ghosts that keep you thinking small and see it.[/content_box_red]

Yes – It’s true – but for now all you have to to is to believe me – all I want you to do is decide that you will go for one thing you really want right now, no exceptions, no excuses and no “I’ll do it later… OK? Is it a deal?

Nan boats
So let me know what happens below in the comments, and stay tuned.

I will keep giving you more Spiritual Tips to 6 & 7 Figure Success in your Bliss Business and Life. My week off has been full of fun, friends, rest , deep introspection and spiritual awakenings, happiness, letting go and more – and I have that freedom in both income, business strategy and in my mind and Soul because I decided to not settle anymore, no matter what OBSTACLES appeared to be in the way. I am NEVER settling again – now it’s your turn!!!


When you put YOUR Happiness first miraculous things begin to emerge – it is a metamorphosis and you are already in it – now look how you can you strengthen it.



Nan Akasha

Happiness + Money = Freedom
Create a Bliss Business & Life


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