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Open your Intuitive Flow for More Money, Success and Happiness

By October 16, 2014 Blog
I am so thrilled you are interested in Accessing your True Deep Intuitive Nature and enhancing your abilities to feel, interpret and direct energy so you can increaseman lotus spiritual energy happiness love and money in your life!

Here are the Details for My new Course :

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Open Your Intuitive Flow:
The 5 Step Practical Formula to Activate Your Inner Voice – Open Deeper Communication with Inner Guidance –
So you can TRUST and ENJOY your Flow in Happiness – Money – Purpose – Business – Relationships[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]
Intuition for Money – Business – Happiness
This LIVE Interactive Course will:

  • Deepen or Open your ability to perceive, receive and communicate with your all conscious energies including your Higher self, your physical and subtle bodies, the energy and flow of Money, Source or God, energies anywhere in time or space, Angels, Fairies, Asceneded Masters, the invisible world…
  • Give you hands on experience in accessing channels of information from multiple levels of Consciousness, Multiverses and begin applying your skills and increasing your sensitivity right away on your real life situations
  • Increase your TRUST in the messages you receive and your skill in interpreting what the message means, who is talking
  • Expand your Awareness so you find the SOLUTION to any Problem or situation – even money – and live from faith 
  • Show you how to regularly Access Deep inner PEACE and Self LOVE that will infuse all areas of life and uplift your relationships
  • Transcend TIME and SPACE and travel anywhere in your intuitive flow
  • Create your Reality on Purpose now and learn to Accelerate your Manifestations
  • Activate Your Bliss Field & Light body so you can explore, activate, live and re-program your Spiritual Blueprint 
  • Show you how to Create “Sacred Space” energetically that attracts and magnetizes and transforms clients, potential clients and relationships
  • Increase your CONFIDENCE in your skills, worth and value and give you a whole new energy when interacting  
  • Show you how to Access More Divine Energy & Increase Your Power toCommunicate with Universal Spirit in all forms
 In each of the 5 – 90 Minute Deep Dive, experiential Sessions with me Live you will experience:
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  1. Open Your Intuitive Flow
    – Explore your energetic, spiritual, subtle and sensory systems.
    – Experience a Clearing and attunement to expand your flow to the next best level for your evolution.
    – Discover & Open the 5 Key Paths of Intuitive Communication (Receiving Messages, Information, Guidance)
    – Activate your 7 Spiritual Senses you underuse and undernourish
    – Intuitive Visual Sensation – unlocking your real manifesting power in this the next generation
    – Frequency of Love & Bliss Streaming for Clearing and Healing Blocks at High Frequencies
  2. Unlocking Your Intuitive Code
    – Defining and Decoding your Personal Language of Light
    – Interpreting Intuitive Hits, Symbols & Increase your understanding of the energies and symbols,
    – Uncover your Guides, Create Your Spiritual Council,
    – Setting up and practicing concrete Communication paths
  3. Getting into the Serendipity Zone
    – Cleansing Emotional Toxins, Shadow pain, Others energies, Light cords and other energy drains
    – Changing your State and Accessing the Solution Level of Awareness with more ease, speed and grace
    – Feeling your way thru uncertainty, and into the Bliss Stream of Your Ideal Makeup so you see, enjoy and ride the Serendipities all around in your Bliss Field
    – Living from Your Happy Place
  4. Intuition for Money, Success and Business
    – Expanding your Intuitive Connection to the Spirit of Money, the Energy of Success and the Spiritual Structure of your Business or Career Vision
    – How to connect with Money and create an alliance that suports and uplifts you
  5. The Secret Sauce
    – Re-wiring, Re-Connecting, Repatterning, Re-Programing
    – Going Beyond what you thought possible –
    – Applying your new skills to daily life, Deep challenges and Past – Pain – Parents – Poor Girl/Guy
Receive personal guidance and Clearings from me.
All sessions are recorded and can be downloaded and kept for continuing to deepen and expand your intuitive skills and sensitivity.[/features_box_red]

The class will run from Tuesday Nov 4 – Dec 2, 2014 (the ONLY time I will do this LIVE and you can interact and get my direct guidance and help) to and be 5 sessions of 90 minutes (10-11:30 PST).

It will be interactive and very deep and experiential. You will work on things that are relevant to your life right now and get results real time, and increase or enhance your intuitive abilities, connection and creative energy, as well as your problem solving skills and your emotions.

There are TWO Ways to register or find out more and see if this is for you (you know it is! 🙂#1 Pick your Favorite way to Pay for your Course right now and be sure to save your spot:>> If you want to Pay in Full $497 and Save!-


>> If you want the convenience of 3 Payments of $177.00 –  30 days apart – CLICK HERE<<
OR#2 >> “I want to Talk to Nan before I enroll and Find out More” thenCLICK HERE <<

Let me know how I can help you Open your Flow!Love, Nan
Email [email protected]PS Whatever your challenge or dream is, deepening your connection to Source, your ability to read the signs and follow Divine guidance, will CHANGE EVERYTHING in your life, most especially your ability to be happy, loving and flow and attract prosperity, wealth and abundance!>> CLICK HERE << and Talk to me so we can explore how deepening your Intuitive Connection will help your goals manifest faster and easier.