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Rescue Yourself this Time

By October 22, 2014 Blog

I was thinking of you – and I got all fired up because I am done seeing how talented and brilliant you are – and yet you are settling for way less and it’s time to Be who you arelife-preserver meant to Be. 

So I made you this short Super Energizing audio for you –>>listen now<<  

No matter what you want, or where you are – The Solution is ALREADY here – but you have to keep going and not let any obstacle Slow you down!
I made this short audio for you because – 

– I want you to STOP waiting for someone to come Rescue you – and get up and go for what you want, no excuses and no explanation.

– I want you to STOP giving up so easily – Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams!!!
See below what happened when she did a Private Spiritual Solution Block Breaking Coaching session and it completly changed her life!

 [content_box_yellow width=”75%”]I feel so much trust and clarity after our session (which is what I had said I wanted from it) and it feels so natural that it is strange and almost difficult to remember how lost and confused I had been feeling before. I felt inspired in a focused, grounded, powerful way, and I LOVE it. It is as if a whole new perspective has opened up for me, where I can see my role and gifts… you really nailed what needed to be done for me. THANK YOU for being SO THERE FOR ME at JUST THE RIGHT TIME !!!” – Giselle G.[/content_box_yellow]
Yes, that happened in only one 45 minute phone session – cause she Rescued herself by saying yes to my crazy special I am offering for a short time. to get a one time session (which I never do) for a Fraction of my regular prices – it’s only $97!

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to lighting your Bliss-Fire in your belly!

Love, Nan

Bliss is Happiness + Money = Freedom

PS  >>CLICK HERE<< to download this 8 minute audio “Rescue Your Self this Time” – I know it will light a new fire within you.