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Bliss Business School is Now Open

By December 20, 2014 December 23rd, 2014 Blog

Imagine what would it feel like to have a mentor by your side in 2015 that saw your Soul Blueprint and heard your heart and helped you make more money listening to it? A community that made you feel like this:

“Nan…..the (Bliss Biz school) call today was so rich and full of Love and Inspiration… you were flowing, flowing, flowing! Thank you especially for your insights and comments to me….
… no one has ever seen me like you and it is an amazing experience to feel your Love in that way.
What I am so grateful for is your teaching methodology, the content , the soul, the Love, the knowledge, the Joy, the Bliss……you are so much Fun!
I know this time is really a turning point. The events of the past 2 weeks has been phenomenal. And each time something shows up I know Spirit is talking with me and has lined me up for the next little miracle or next huge one ! I know I am guided always.”  CalLing Ling? Bliss Business School  

If you want to feel like that, you’ll be happy to be the first to know that we have now opened enrollment for The Bliss Business School for 2015…
Bliss Business School Students this last year created so much while in this sacred group – from tripling income, moving to a new country or dream home, funding a movie, building client lists, making back their entire investment in the School in one month and more…

 [headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]The Bliss Business School re-opened for enrollment, as we Sold Out in 2014.

Now is the Time – we are officially open for enrollment and your spot is waiting – there is not time to waste!! Yay!

We have already had 2 spots grabbed up, so please take a moment and review this (more info below), and do one of these:

#1 Set a time to >> Talk to Nan<< to see if this is best for you…


Simply put your Deposit down to Reserve your Spot =>>HERE<<=

We start Jan 14th,  – this will be sure you set yourself up for the best year yet….

I am pleased and honored to speak with you about joining this incredible group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Visionaries on a Mission. I am honored to be able to support you marketing, manifesting, intuition, money and designing a BlissLife!

MORE INFO ON BLISS BUSINESS SCHOOL 2015[/headline_georgia_small_left] 


Take a minute – breathe – tune in to your deepest desires and ask… IS THIS ME?
– You are ready to have the kind of community, mentor and space that is sacred and safe to go deep, be vulnerable and to be loved, supported, heard, seen and respected. A place where YOUR DREAMS become reality– You are ready to have access to the marketing resources and a business plan to keep you OUT OF OVERWHELM... so you spend less time marketing and more time in your genius helping people…
– You know making MORE MONEY is a Spiritual Necessity for you to make a bigger difference, and reach your full potential. You want deep money rewiring, recurring income, multiple streams of income and fast income – while feeling worthy and happy!– You are ready to deepen your intuition, connect to and TRUST yourself, increase your manifesting skills and ability to find solutions to any situation, anywhere, anytime….- You want to grow personally, spiritually and mentally – learn Inner strength and the ability to transform your limiting beliefs,

Right now is the time to look within and see if this year you will go to the next level with fun, style and joy… 

– If you are a Visionary with a CALLING IN YOUR HEART ready to follow your bliss and create your reality now – 

You are a Spiritual entrepreneur, healer, author, creative or expert who wants an INTUITIVE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS…
A BLISS Business… that fulfills your dreams, makes Excellent money, helps more people – and you build with ease, grace and a marketing plan that suits you… then come see if this is your next step!
Below is a PEEEK into The Bliss Business School – to give you a taste… when we talk we can discuss any questions you have and see if you are ready for Bliss Nation!Lots of love and respect… talk soon!
Bliss Business School
Theme: Vision!
Cash CampBliss Money Focus: Money Vision:
Finding money, cashflow, cash infusions, Money Relationships and Rewiring the “I don’t have the money” & “I can’t see the money” & “I do not know how to get the money”.  
Bliss School 2015 Starts with our *3 Hour Virtual LiveStream Mastermind: Jan 14th 8-11am PST
Mastery Class: Jan 21  
Inner Play & Outer Play:  Vision Quest & 2015 Blessing Transmission
Developing Inner Vision and translating it into reality
Bliss Maps, Ascension Plans, Packages, Pricing, Visioning your path – creating the energetic and Spiritual structure of your year, business, income and life. Ascension plans, clarity and we will lay out your plan, prices, etc.
Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Acceptance: the door that opens all possibilities and the Vibrational place where you take your power back. This is required to master to find the next step and move fwd on your path at all times.  
Theme: Love! Accessing your true power.
Bliss Money Focus: The Spirit of Money : 
Accessing the Frequency of Love, Self love, Spiritual Love –  how to infuse your clients, business, offers, sales conversations and plans with love and magnetize. How to see money as a from of love energy and connect thru love
Mastery Class 1: Feb 4
Mastery Class 2: Feb 11
Mastery Class 3: Feb 18
Inner Play & Outer Play:
Accessing the Frequency of Love 
Being Seen, putting yourself ‘out there’ at a new level, unlocking the power of love, inner journeys for integrating the unloved parts and bringing wholeness and solutions
Loving your Marketing, message, clients and offer  
Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Power: what is personal power, how do you access it, manage it, direct it and maintain your energy and clarity in the face of negative situations, perceived failures and more. Unlock your  source of true power. 
March: LIVE IN PERSON MASTERMIND: March 20, 21, 22 San Diego
Theme: Worth!
Bliss Money Focus: Money Worthiness: The Wealth Esteem Paradox- Setting the groundwork for making, keeping, growing and giving more money, this year. Getting to the Truth about your Relationship with Money. Re-setting your Value and your ‘Wealth Esteem Quotient”.
Asking for money in any situation, loving negotiation, feeling deserving, valued and valuable, Giving more value than ever before.
Mastery Class 1: Mar 4 (only class this month)
LIVE IN PERSON MASTERMIND: March 20, 21, 22 San Diego
Inner Play & Outer PlayWealth Esteem, self love/worth/value, Sacred Sales, Feminine Energy in Sales, Magnetic Attraction. 

Transforming Beliefs: Special deep dive at live event and also how to develop, transform, embed and uncover beliefs and use them as your most powerful allies. Thinking, and managing your state/energy, 

Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Trust! Unlock natural confidence and inner peace thru deepening and expand your Trust of self, the Universe, the solutions and your Bliss field, be able to walk into any situation and know the answer is within you. 
PLUS! Over 16 Marketing Modules to guide you on how to find and serve your customers… We create your Bliss Biz Ascension Plan and help you manifest it and master your mind, money, happiness and service.Please do not hesitate, theres only 4 weeks till we start – and if you join before New Years you get acccess to a special worth $500!Just HIT REPLY to this email or grab a time to talk to me >>HERE<<
Don’t take my word for it.
Here’s a few clients results after just a few months of working together
Adi, Toronto, Canada: Fearless coach, healer, musician, writer, artist. In only 3 months she increased her recurring income by more than double, enrolled 12 private clients, and her rates are triple.
Her song is featured in a BIG TIME video for the U. N.. Then she manifested the money in only 1 week to move her family into hernew dream place with a view of the water!
  “The Money just keeps coming in… I’ve never seen so much!”

 Sarah-Jane, Johannesburg, South Africa: Made her entire year’s Coaching fee back in the first month of coaching! Now she is taking her expertise in consciousness work, as an animal communicator and energy worker and focusing it on Inspiring women with confidence and courage. 
Growing her list and clientele globally, she now receives speaking invitations on a regular basis and has developed her new signature system.
 Debora, New Mexico, USA:  A Women’s Writing Coach, Author and Playwright. After Debora’s VIP day with me she spent the next 2 months “receiving everything she’s ever wanted”! (Her words)Her play opened to rave reviews and more openings scheduled! Now she’s Co-Creating a Mother-Daughter Healing Project that’s igniting her personal healing and new level of spiritual wholeness. “I just love the Safe, sacred space you create and seeing how Dreams can come true…”