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my friend died and the love is expanding

By July 23, 2015 Blog

My friend died…

and yes, the sadness came…. but what is EXPANDING is the LOVE!

My friend Marla was so focused at all times on positivity and joy, never pain or complaints. She wanted to connect with her friends and be happy and then she said one day “I think I am tired of this game… I am ready for a new game”…. and now she is playing that new game.

It has made me stop… and sit… and remember the real reason we are here, and the real purpose to life… to expand our capacity to give and receive LOVE. To remember we all ‘die’ to the old way of being – daily – and we too, get to ‘play a new game’ when we are ready.

I am no stranger to death, 20 years ago my daughter Jordan anne died… and the metamorphosis was deep.. and it gave me the capacity for higher states of Love and deeper connections to other life forms and expressions of the Divine not in form (the ‘unseen’ worlds).
This new ‘death’ experience has opened my heart and upleveled the vibrational quality of the DIVINE LOVE FREQUENCIES moving thru me, my spiritual service business and my home sanctuary – “Planet Bliss”. As I prepare for my retreat 
“Soul Channeling & FreeFlow Writing Experience: Talk to Nature & Write Your Soul Story”... (yes, you can still come > read more here<) – the Spiritual Alchemy this death activated in me is expanding the LOVE from the Spirit realms as they co-create my home into “The Sacred Bliss Playground For Spiritual Alchemy”! 

Listen to this audio I made for you

Want to uplevel your vibration of Love and enter the next stage of your Spiritual Metamorphosis?

This weekend (2.5 day) Spiritual retreat experience is unlike any you have experienced or imagined. Where color, light, ritual, play, art, music, nature and deep Spiritual journeys will create your next Heart opening. You will communicate with the Divine thru Nature and channeling thru freeFlow writing and other ways of communication and all manner of creative and sensory activities like vibrational essences, color, art, crystals, music, movement, crystal bowls, toning…
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Chrissy and I are available to chat with you 
we will give you some intuitive guidance and look deep into your heart chakra and let you know what’s calling to you….

Oh there is so much more to share, lik
e we have 4 beautiful Sanctuaries, including a “Sacred Temple of The Rainbow Earth” where you can write, meditate, heal, reflect and vision.

Doesn’t that sound like the loving experience you are seeking? I know my friend reminded me – above all is LOVE, and it starts with me.

Then, please feel free to CLICK HERE and select a time to chat. 

Spiritual Alchemy for the Blissful Soul

PS. Is your heart calling you to take a moment for your Spiritual self care and Soul Purpose re-connection? Come listen to your heart, heal – open – and connect to the gentle, deep and ancient love and wisdom of Nature…

Please book a time here to talk to us about where you are right now, what’s stopping you from knowing or acting on the next step in your Soul’s path and we will give you some intuitive guidance and look deep into your heart chakra and let you know what’s calling to you…

If you are right and ready to be one of the few more people who it is a Divine fit to join us, we welcome you with open arms, heart and mind and so look forward to PLAYING together!

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