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Visions at the Top of a Pyramid

By September 17, 2018 September 27th, 2018 Blog, Podcast

After almost two hours, I came back to my body.

Looking out over the green jungle for as far as I can see, I felt a deep connection from my Soul to this land.

I was blissful from my visionary experience atop the tallest Mayan Pyramid, Coba. Peace and an understanding of my eternal nature were all I could feel.

I couldn’t hear the tourists. I didn’t feel the heat. I was blissful.

Two years ago when I first came here, I remembered a life here, as a young medicine man, in training in the mystic arts, along with my current love – Chris as my brother.

I had seen him die and knew I lived most of my life without him, and at his death, we had made a pact. To come back together again. To do our healing and magic in the world, in oneness with the plants and the planet.

Together to conquer time and space.

This time I saw myself through the years of my life there until I was an old man.

As I sat on top of the tallest pyramid at this sacred site, green jungle spreading out like a living carpet, I saw myself climb the pyramid in a ceremony, year after year.

Like a procession through my life, I saw myself age, change dress, become wiser.

I watched as I came in the night so often to watch the skies and talk to my beloved brother who had gone to the stars before me. I watched as eternity unfolded. I saw the past, the future and the arc of our eternal nature.

And then I saw myself walk one more time to the top and sit until I became dust and one with the pyramid.

I left with a deep sense of calm, inner peace and wisdom. Seeing the intelligence of nature and the connection to each other throughout time and space was profound.

It was a stunning opening to the last week before the BlissLife equinox Jaguar VisionQuest retreat.

Tune in to your eternal nature, it will bring you a connection beyond words, and it is the doorway to your soul’s purpose.

In peace, love, light,


PS BlissLife retreats are deep transformative spiritual events. The healing that occurs is multi-dimensional, and the pathway is opened to a clearer connection to your personal truth.

There’s no better gift to yourself.

Fall equinox Jaguar vision quest September 21-26, 2018

Spring equinox March 18-23, 2019 “Awakening the Magic & Power of the Kundalini”