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Alchemy & Abundance Activation

By November 9, 2018 Blog

It’s ready for you!

BlissLife Podcast Masterclass Series: Ancient Abundance Activation #4:
Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance

And a powerful Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer…

REPLAY for this and all 3 others Below…

I already personally set aside time to do this one!

The combination of Alchemy, Abundance and Acceptance is like a GATEWAY.

Enjoy this and transform your energy “crap” into “gold”!

I received this just yesterday from Jonathon, who came to my very first Mayan Pyramid Dolphin Healing retreat in March of 2017.

Nan –  want to share the BlissLife Equinox Retreat. It’s important to me because that retreat unlocked so many financial limitations for me. It was the key to me really stepping up into being the true ‘me’.” – Jonathon Powers

I am thrilled to say that within a few months of the retreat Jonathon’s retreat goal of more time off and more money coming in…. manifested! He got a promotion and went from 70 hours a week to 35… he got a raise, and best of all within a year of the retreat and his LIghtBody School work, Jonathon did something he never thought would happen for him – he bought his very own house!

This Abundance series is the kick off leading us to the BIGGEST ABUNDANCE BREAKTHROUGH –  to the BlissLife March 2019 equinox retreat –


Pyramid of the Magician – SEER  March Equinox

“Abundance Activation and Awakening of the Inner Seer”
A 3rd Eye Vision Quest and Crown Chakra Abundance Activation at the Pyramid of the Magician and other sacred Mayan sites…

At the retreat we combine so many experiences, ceremonies, sites and LIght technology and healing work, that you will never find another experience that is more “transcendent or profound”!

Experience TWO Night Light Shows and Stunning Stars….


We are going deep into your blocks to the energy of abundance and awakening your intuitive and psychic ability to see your solutions, mission and abundance with your inner eye.

The BEST PRICE and PAYMENT plan (Save $1010)  is still good through Nov. 10th – it’s time you listened to your Inner Seer and reached out to me to reserve your spot for March 18-23, 2019…

Your Soul Family is waiting… 83% are returning because it was such a powerful experience!

Talk to me!

I am the Fairy Godmother because my students and clients call me that of their own accord… what could happen for you if you took the chance to talk to me…

Abundant love,

Fairy Godmother of Abundance

PS When you join BlissLife Retreats Abundance Awakening in March Equinox – you get to connect with the group already forming for 5 abundance activations and 3rd eye openings between now and March!

DON’T WAIT For Your Abundance ANY Longer!

83% of the September retreat group that was invited back is coming!! That is stunning and tells you how special and powerful these experiences are! 

The Soul family you will meet when you come will be just like you… they heard the inner calling and have gone through hurdles in their lives (money, time off work, childcare…) to get here!

It is not a stop sign, it is a TRUST journey. If you are are meant to be here, there IS a way.

Step up and let the doors open to YOUR BlissLife. Join us for March 2019 and begin your journey NOW!


1 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Sacred Symbols of Power and Vision of the Ancients >Replay Here<

2 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Reunion: Awaken Your Powers of Manifestation through Embracing Duality with the Dual Headed Jaguar (Spiral Light Antennae) >Replay Here<

3 – Ancient Abundance Activation:  The Golden Crown of Flames: Awakening the Sacred Frequency of Gold with the “Royal Lady” Bee >Replay Here<

4 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance” Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer
>Replay Here<