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Abundance Activation & Psychic Opening Retreat Price going up

By November 16, 2018 Blog


I hope you have enjoyed the 4 Ancient Abundance Activations we have experienced over the last month (all replays free – links below).

Through these activations I have shared the epic (no kidding) BlissLife Equinox retreat in March 2019 and that there is a special price now available… even a 4 month payment plan or a personalized one – but the time is coming for the Super early price to go up… so now is the time to talk to me and get in the abundance flow with me and those who have already decided to come and transform their life in unimaginable ways…

Are you interested in knowing more of why you are here, what your purpose is and awakening your inner connection to your highest good and guidance?

Then you need to come to this retreat!

“Before the end of the retreat I could see and understand what you see andthings are manifesting quickly…  and the most powerful and magical was at The top of Cobá Mayan Pyramid, on the equinox, when I realized I had my special guide… (from Atlantis)

That was the first time during a guided meditation, with my pineal gland activated I could really experience, see and feel my guide merging and connecting with me…the colors along with an explosion of bliss… And my life has truly not been the same since...I can easily connect any time!” – John Theobald (4x attendee BlissLife Retreats, returning in March)

John enjoying our beach club lunch after a Sacred Site activation

Do you WANT MORE ABUNDANCE in money, love, energy, creativity, fun?

COME IN MARCH! We are going deep into opening to the eternal flow of Abundance and activating your Crown chakra to its OPEN AND RECEPTIVE state.

I have shared with you that the theme of the March equinox  “Awakening the inner SEER” – means we are going deep into your psychic, intuitive and visioning abilities – even if you have never been able to access them, you will at this event!

We go to ancient Mayan pyramids like the Powerful Pyramid of the Magician, and sacred sites and waters because “High frequency vibrations activate consciousness, nourish the hungry or weak, heal what is sick, and invite in the most luminous forces of Nature”... this is what we do and what I teach and give you access to!

What are you waiting for?

Because your life is not waiting, the changes in our society, government and health are not waiting… the energies we live in are speeding up and it is not going to stop.

If you DO NOT listen to your heart and keep waiting til this is done and that is perfect … you will continue to struggle and there is no reason for it! 

Join us NOW and get into the flow NOW… the minutes you decide to come to the retreat – things shift , the light work begins instantly and we are doing group activations al the way to the equinox to pave the path of gold abundance and joy.

So – do you really want abundance, happiness and a better more meaningful life? Or are you saying that over and over every day but never taking a new step or accepting the help your Soul is sending you – like this?

HIT REPLY NOW and talk to me

I am serious, I am tired of seeing most people NOT living their BlissLife, NOT putting their Soul’s purpose first and NOT saying yes to all the chances the angels are sending to you…


Your Kick ass Fairy Godmother who opens doors and dimensions to your Soul

PS I seriously do not want you to die one day wishing you had said yes, wishing you had stepped out of your comfort zone… wishing you had lived the life your heart years for!

BlissLife Equinox Experience

PPS The Abundance activation replays are below  -I highly recommend you do them now…

1 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Sacred Symbols of Power and Vision of the Ancients >Replay Here<

2 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Reunion: Awaken Your Powers of Manifestation through Embracing Duality with the Dual Headed Jaguar (Spiral Light Antennae) >Replay Here<

3 – Ancient Abundance Activation:  The Golden Crown of Flames: Awakening the Sacred Frequency of Gold with the “Royal Lady” Bee >Replay Here<

4 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance” Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer
>Replay Here<