Crashing economy causing you stress?

By September 23, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

Is all the recent news and events causing you stress? Hurricanes, crashing stock markets, banks folding, lay offs all over?
Do you feel hopeless, powerless and out of control of your own life?
There is another way! It is a way of unity, of tapping into the power in you and creating harmony within yourself. The power, knowledge and help you need to accomplish what you want, in any economy, under any circumstances, is built inside you!!!
In fact you may not have any idea that your most powerful ally is within you and you have actually been struggling against it to get what you want!

My friend and co-facilitator Amy Scott Grant & I want to show you how to uncover the hidden path within you to dissolving obstacles and getting all your energies and intentions moving in unison. That is true power. True power does not depend on anything outside you. It makes no difference if the stock market is up or the real estate market is down, you will have your own guidance to find the path that always reveals true abundance to you.

If you want to find the way to true power, the one that lies inside you, and reveals that you do not need to worry about losing your job, or stocks crashing, then join us for the free preview call on September 25th here

Instead of living in fear of what the government, your job and the economy are going to do, instead of trying to make things happen through struggle and will power, come learn how to tap into the resources, knowledge and power that lies dormant inside you.

Amy and I have been using this with our clients (and ourselves because we always use what we teach!). This can help anyone, in any area of life; job, weight, money, love… And the results are absolutely fascinating, because we’re busting through blocks we could hardly chip away at until now. And major shifts are occurring with extreme velocity.

Relieve your stress, find strength and hope inside you…it’s free to see what it is about:

Remember that my coaching can help you clear limiting beliefs and blocks in any area of your life.  Best way to relieve your worries is to clear the cause and find your purpose and your power. You can also experience a conversation with your ego, which will create a partnership with you and your ego that will be ongoing and is a win win for you both! We will clear some of your most debilitating limiting beliefs — some of which you may not even be consciously aware of at this moment!

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