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New Class
“Ego Power: Synergize Your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity”
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for the Free Preview Call September 25th.
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Well, there is Soo much going on right now, TIME SENSITIVE, so I created another newsletter this month to keep you up to date. Be sure you check all of it out, cause there’s some real yummy goodies here! (Literally!)


~ Chocolate that helps you manifest?

~ Mind Movies power visualization
~ Coaching Sale
~ Peace Intention Experiment
~ Attractor Factor 2
~ ‘Free The Power In You’ Class Free Preview Call
~ Led by Faith
~ Raise money for Women for Women
~ Magic Potions
~ Blog Talk Radio Interview

Ultimate Awareness Coaching Sale

I have an amazing sale price (almost half off) on my coaching services right now, till the end of September. The reason? I love what I do! I want more people to feel the results, the shifts, the freedom that my clients feel. The transformation that happens in the coaching sessions is so powerful, and I get so uplifted myself by helping people find their inner awareness of the power, beauty and fullness of who they really are.

Any issue can be dealt with and limiting beliefs can be shifted so quickly. Fears, doubts and pain can be released, energy can be raised, and empowering beliefs installed. The list is endless! Try a new ‘talk with your ego’ session! You will be amazed at the info you get and the power you free when you do this!
There is still 15 days to buy sessions at only $97 each. That is nearly half off! Go sign up now and tune into your Ultimate Awareness

Mind Movies 1/2 off for 2 more days

If you haven’t grabbed your 6 free Mind Movies yet, get them now! The free movies and the half price sale is good for 2 more days.
If you have ever wanted to visualize more powerfully, this tool is for you! It is simply fabulous, and I am not joking! Time is short so don’t fool around until it’s too late on this. (Half price offer ends wednesday) Plus the Mind Movies team just added even MORE bonuses to their Mind Movie Creation Kit.
The Mind Movie creation kits allows you to make short visual movies, really easily, that you can personalize to be exactly what you want to manifest. Then you use all your senses: visual, audio (you add your own inspiring music), subliminal, you write words that come on the screen along with the images. It is so powerful, get it now, you will be so happy you did!!
Get the free mind movies here:

Peace Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart who wrote the book The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World and she is starting a series of Peace Intention Experiments.
On September 14, 2008 will see the start of the first in a series of Peace Intention Experiments testing the power of group intention to lower violence in areas around the world.
Join me at and let’s intend peace.

I was on the “Follow Your Bliss Show” and you can hear it anytime you want here:
I will be on again September 24th with Amy Scott Grant discussing our upcoming class “Ego Power: Synergize Your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity”

Intentional Chocolate

This is so cool! Someone took the great idea that Dr. Emoto (featured in the movie “What the Bleep”) had for empowering water with intentions and specific energies, and put it into Chocolate!!!!!I use the stick on labels for water bottles all the time. They say things like “Acceptance”, “love”, “Money Magnet”, “Faith” and when put onto ta bottle of water, it infuses the water with that energy! You can simply wrtie on the water bottle as well and then  make sure you spend a few seconds adding your intention of that energy into the water. When you drink it you will be infused with that energy…cool!

Intentional Chocolate is focused on shifting the way that humans relate to food by delivering sustenance that nourishes both body and soul! What a great idea!
Check out their website:

‘Led By Faith’

Immaculée Ilibagiza’s astonishing story of survival was documented in the bestseller Left To Tell. Now Immaculée’s amazing journey continues in her new book Led By Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide. Through her simple and eloquent voice, we experience her hardships and heartache as she fights to survive and find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of the genocide. She struggles along with her homeland to heal from the wounds of war and to keep love, and forgiveness alive. Purchase Immaculée’s miraculous and inspiring story, Led By Faith, and you’ll receive free gifts and be entered into a prize draw. For additional details,

~ Choices and Illusions

Now you can get Eldon Taylor’s New York Times best selling book, ‘Choices and Illusions’ AND help raise funds for Women for Women. Assist in raising funds for Women for Women International, an award-winning non-profit that provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. They currently work in eight countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan. They have served over 150,000 women and distributed more than $42 million in direct aid and loans. You can see for yourself the fabulous work they do by going to:

~ Attractor Factor 2 Released Today

Joe Vitale has just released an updated and expanded version of his best selling book: “The Attractor Factor”. It is a simple 5 step process on how to manifest what you want. I may even have a story in it!

If you buy it now during the launch promotion, anywhere, Amazon or wherever,  you get all kinds of goodies with it free. One of them is a brand new bonus from me:”Infinite Possibilities Party”! Here is what Joe says about it:

“The Attractor Factor 2 is a combination book and inspired action field guide. Unlike the first edition, here I will guide you every step of the way, with some of the most effective inspiring exercises you will ever experience. You will know what to do – you need to form a plan and work it.) This way your results are guaranteed. You will learn:
-My revised five-step system for attracting anything you want in your life (filled with exciting new information, stories and exercises guaranteed to take you to the next level)
– A special section dedicated to attracting money
– The secret shortcut to attracting whatever you want quickly
– Truths about the Law of Attraction
– The difference between divine and ego intentions and why they are so important to you
– The million dollar secret formula And much more brand new information
When you order today, you will also be given access to priceless free special bonuses worth exponentially more than what you are investing in the Attractor Factor (Second Edition) alone.Just go here and follow the two steps:

I hope you enjoyed all the great information here, and you foud  something that resonates with you and lights you up!

One more thing, I am offering special vibrational essences, designed to shift your energy field and enhance whatever you are doing. These are very supportive and amazing. I am calling them “Magic Potions” because to me, the energy they give and the power that is released when you use them is magic! You can see some about it now on my Products page here: however in a few days you will be able to see them at Not only are there some amazing essences, like “Be the Spirit of Money” or “The Magnetic Power of Love” and “Restore Peace and Harmony”, but I also offer to mix a special essence just for you, based on what your energy field needs at this time. I draw from hundreds of beneficial vibrations, colors, gems, flowers, light and much more! Check it out!