Create Your Reality News #10

By September 30, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Happy day to you all!

I am overjoyed to wish you a happy passion day, because to me, living your passion is what life is all about. Living with it, in it and inspiring others to live theirs as well! Like I said in my email today :”I am excited to tell you all about how you can ignite your passion and uncover your purpose! Isn’t that what we all want? Well, that and to be happy…yet that is what makes us happy, at the deepest level!”

So let’s get to it!

~ International Passion day is here! See the movie!

~ Law of attraction plain and simple now available

~ Discover your purpose and passion and create it with ease!

~ Last day for sale prices on coaching…act now!

International Passion Day is Today!

What a fantastic idea i think this is! What is more fun, more exhilarating than passion? We have all felt it, we all yearn to feel it again! And, I believe, we are all meant to live our passions freely, day to day, not once in a great while!

Well, not only is today declared passion day, and the book “The Passion Test” is being released in paperback with tons of cool bonuses (including one from me on “Getting Ego on Your Side”)… Chris and Janet Attwood, the authors, have set a high  goal which I plan to assist them in; to inspire at least five million people to take action to follow their passions and begin living their life purpose!

So Chris and Janet have created an eye-opening movie presentation to tantalize you and celebrate International Passion Day.

Take the time to review the wonderful promotion of the book, but then scroll down the page to “Passion Day Movie” and take four minutes to watch this remarkable video presentation. It will inspire and uplift you, and it will also provoke you to think about where you are in your life, and where you could be.

And get my “Getting Ego on Your Side” Audio FREE1

Law of attraction plain and simple:

I am very excited to share some great news with you about a special event called The Great Inner Peace and Extraordinary Living Give-Away. You see, my friend Sonia Ricotti has brought together a large number of success experts and bestselling authors from around the globe to promote her newest book, The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve.

To participate, you only need to purchase a copy of her book online today and then you will receive more than

$10,000 worth of FREE GIFTS from some of your favorite teachers from The Secret, including Marci Shimoff, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, and many other amazing self-help professionals!

One of which is my ebook, “Unlock the door to all you desire!” Find out all you need to know at

How do you find your purpose when you can’t even find time to read a book?

I hear a lot of people say they are so busy, kids, work, bills, house…it all gets overwhelming. And yet, so many of us hear the calling of our inner voice saying “there’s more”…if you have wondered what life is about, or wanted more….if you have felt there must be a easier and more fun way to create what you want, be happy, make money, lose weight or find the love of your life, then you deserve to discover the immense world within you.

You have so much support right inside you, all the time. Most of us have never learned how to hear it, tap into it. You have a “team” of energies that are there just for you! They want to help, they do, the best they can…but imagine if you could communicate with them, find out why you find it hard to do certain things, or why you feel sad, angry or lonely. Imagine if you could talk to your energy team and align with them  so that you would all be focused in the same direction, working towards what you truly want, in exactly the way you want it? What if you could blast away the pain and the past and operate from a whole new set of beliefs?

This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients (see next section and get signed up today for the sale price!) AND what we are going to do in the upcoming class.

If you go now, you can  hear a one hour audio on how to do this yourself and all about what we will do in the class and more. You will find it will benefit you greatly, and allow you to feeel whole again, connected with yourself and you will feel such inner peace and power. Please check it out, I know it will be such a gift to you!

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Today, September 30th, is the last day to get coaching sessions for only $97!

As I have been saying, the realizations, shifts, releasing and clarity that you can gain from coaching is limitless. I have so much fulfillment working with people and watching them breakthrough. Physical healing, emotional peace, mental clarity and discovering your purpose are only a few things that results form these sessions.

If you resonate with this at all, check it out, I am honored and open to be here for you!