Use this Daily Guide for Manifesting Your Bliss Life Now

By January 13, 2015 Blog

I am so excited my Bliss Business School is kicking off again – what a magical time for those Heart Centered Visionaries, Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs who said ‘YES!” this year they would follow their bliss, make more money and learn to market and manifest their vision into a reality that they LOVE!!

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Now time for GOODIES!!!

I made this simple, elegant, spiritual, Highly Effective Manifestation Tool for you to create your life from your Inner Power and Divine connection.

This BlissLife™ Design’ Play sheet I made has a sheet with what you create and say each day. It has a second blank sheet for you to write anything that comes to you.  

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“Daily Design Mantra to Live YOUR BlissLife™ NOW”

The Secret to Bliss – is #1  You Create your LIFE- Style FIRST – then your income, business etc. fit in from there – YOU First!

How to use this Sheet for Creating What you Want Your Life To Be Like & Deep Transformation and Magical Manifestation:

  1. Click here  to Download the sheet
  2. Instructions: Fill in the blanks and then say, feel and after you say the whole sheet sit with your eyes closed feeling and flying within in the energies and reality you created. This is a powerful process, that is simple, fun and elegant. Enjoy and do not doubt, you do it daily you will be the creator of your reality!
  3. Read (memorize so eventually you say it and create it fluidly before you open your eyes in the morning!) and fill in the blanks for how you want to describe each section… how do you want to feel? What do you know you must think?  What do you want your energy to be like Intend  – Want and know you must in order to see, and receive your guidance, abundance and answers thru the day.
  4. Create your day with great passion, heart,love, and intention – always based on your personal Bliss-Print.
  5. Use any word or sentence that has Meaning, Punch and Energy to it, that will que you into the GOALS or INTENTIONS for your day.

This is for creating your BlissLife – in Business/Career, Money, Love, Happiness…

  • Energetic
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • financial
  • Relational

Say it in your head and out loud if possible… feel it, in your body, in your emotional body, in your Bliss energy field, think it, imagine it. As you see in your mind what it is and you begin to feel the energy moving – you will feel a strong co-creation going on with the energies in your Bliss Field.


Enjoy and please let me know below what you experienced and what you liked or want more of! Also please share this, let’s all create our Bliss Life now, so we can live in a world of happy prosperity and creative joy!

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Want more cool tools to manifest, create and make your life full of fun, happiness and money? Then consider the Bliss Business School…

Imagine what would it feel like to have a mentor by your side that saw your Soul Blueprint and heard your heart and helped you make more money listening to it?

“Nan…..the (Bliss Biz school) call today was so rich and full of Love and Inspiration… you were flowing, flowing, flowing! Thank you especially for your insights and comments to me….
… no one has ever seen me like you and it is an amazing experience to feel your Love in that way.
What I am so grateful for is your teaching methodology, the content , the soul, the Love, the knowledge, the Joy, the Bliss……you are so much Fun!
I know this time is really a turning point. The events of the past 2 weeks has been phenomenal. And each time something shows up I know Spirit is talking with me and has lined me up for the next little miracle or next huge one ! I know I am guided always.”  CalLing Ling? Bliss Business School 2 

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I am pleased and honored to speak with you about joining this incredible group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Visionaries on a Mission. I am honored to be able to support you marketing, manifesting, intuition, money and designing a BlissLife!

Love and blessings of blissful abundance,

Live Your Bliss Now