Diamond Wealth of BEing on Enlightened Wealth Summit

By November 16, 2010 Blog

The Enlightened Wealthy Women FREE Telesummit is rocking along… have you registered yet? Please join us now!enlightened-120-x-550-2
Here is what a few people are saying:

I want to thank you for coming into my life. I have signed up for your Enlightened Wealthy Women Telesummit. I am currently unemployed, the information you are providing is helping me to get back on track to jump start my business.  I have benifited tremendously from your information & the Wonderful Women that are sharing their love, experience & knowledge. I look forward to Tuesdays & Thursdays, I always walk away with feeling energized with new tools I can incorporate into my life.
Love & Light    Ana Bell Southwest Spirit

“hi Nan, I am LOVING the series you are hosting….great job ! I have promoted and will continue promoting it”
Michelle Casto
Today our speaker is   Jacqueline Joy of Diamond Alignment!

I LOVE energy work, and Sacred Geometry and making deep shifts from within. This incredible woman spent a lot of time and mo.ney allowing herself to be transformed and bringing this beautiful sacred work into the world.
She is a true example of an Enlightened Wealthy Woman…she has put her journey and her  spiritual evolution ahead of all things and it has repaid her well… in joy, income and a life of doing what she loves!
Come an EXPERIENCE an alignment and a powerful way to clear your energy on all levels!
her topic is
“The 5 points of Living in Diamond Consciousness and Joy: Merging Spiritual and Material Wealth to create the Ultimate “Wealth of Being”
Tuesday Nov. 16th 3pm Central

Join us and feel the energy shifts! This is a very experiential call… I am THRILLED to have her on the summit!

Here is her special page: