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By May 25, 2011 Blog

Celebrate! It’s the official Amazon launch for the book Divine Worth: break the bonds of unworthiness and create the life you desire! written by my friend and colleague Kimberly Ann Coots. Last week I was a speaker in her telesummit… remember, did you join us?

All too many people in the world hold back from pursuing what they truly want in life, feeling stuck in doubt, worry or negative self-talk. From her personal and professional experience, transformational life Coach, business development coach and author of the book Divine Worth, Kimberly Ann Coots, learned that feeling unworthy is a leading reason why people experience these
issues. Kimberly herself struggled for many years to overcome deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness, battling depression, addiction, self harm and even a suicide attempt, until she discovered how to open the door to her own self worth and connect to the divinity within herself in a way she had never been able to achieve in the past. Not only did she turn her own life completely around and find joy and meaning (and the love of her life), but she also embarked on a life path where she now helps others do the same.

This is what led her to write the book Divine Worth.

With more than 25 practical exercises, tools and insights, this book shows readers how to transform self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and become empowered to create greater joy, fulfillment, connection and abundance in their lives. Because the book has so many practical exercises, it can also serve as a rich resource for professionals who work in healing or supportive roles, such as
coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers or even parents.

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Kimberly’s passion is to help shift humanity’s consciousness from fear, lack and separation, to love, connection and abundance. She is certified in many holistic and spiritual modalities, has been ordained as a Spiritual Peace Minister by James Twyman, is certified as a Reconnection Healer by Dr. Eric Pearl and is a Facilitator for the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. As a successful business development specialist, Kimberly also helps entrepreneurs make a profit and a difference.

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I hope you will check out Divine Worth by Kimberly Ann Coots today. I know you will enjoy the book and all those great gifts too.