Earth the beautiful

By April 22, 2009 April 24th, 2009 Blog

Bless us all on this day as we celebrate and give thanks to the Earth.

How wonderful it is to celebrate! Celebrating is what life is about. It is about finding and focusing on the things that we love, that make us feel good. The Earth is our constant companion, and our support.


We are nurtured and loved by the Earth no matter what we do. Talk about unconditional love!

She continues to provide incredible beauty and amazing sights, delicious fruits and refreshing water. The Earth is the ultimate giver. She gives and keep1172952_88291017s on giving, growing, adapting and loving. What are we giving and co creating in this relationship? How often do we stop and give thanks, appreciate what we see or eat, and give back. Giving back can be as simple as receiving the bounty from the Earth with joy and gratitude828117_44933243

to planting a tree, or nurturing a yard. It could be by recycling or consuming less. It could be by planting a  garden and sharing its produce. It can be by sitting and appreciating the dawn or sunset, the wind in the trees, the smell of fresh cut grass. ist1_5161288-canyon-glory

Mostly it is in our hearts we can feel the love from mother earth and give back. I think the tremendous diversity and the  abundance that we live in every day is a miracle.

Thank you Earth, and Namaste from the depths of my heart. I love being here with you! Let’s celebrate!

Join me and my Intend global Healing Circle this week as we have a healing for the earth! IntendGlobalHealing.comwaterfall-man