Explode your intentions

By September 22, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

A new and amazing new course is being birthed. It will take your intentions and what you want to do in your life and explode them, empower them, clear a path…a shortcut.

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~ Make an intention
~ Fill in the details
~ Feel the sensations of having it
~ Ask for others to hold that intention
all good, necessary , steps, but now…..

Power up your intention by getting your
ego & inner Team on Board

Every day we decide on something we want to do, have or experience. We create all these ‘mini intentions” all day, every day. But in truth our biggest intentions are the only ones that really get our focus and attention. The only time we really put alot of energy into what we want is when it is a big deal to us.
Well, imagine, that every day, all day your thoughts and feelings are actually creating your life experience more powerfully than one big intention now and then. If we put the focus on those, life is flowing, easily and smoothly, things flow and line up, possibilities appear, desires are born. Each and every day we are creating our life and so we can be more in the moment, less in our heads and be disengaged from struggle, and be dissolving obstacles moment to moment with very little effort on our part. We are the master, the wizard behind the curtain, we make the decisions, then we have systems, teams and built in allies that can help us along the way.
Our job is to look, feel, experience and decide. Then once we decide what we want, we put that intention out there and the Universe, our inner team and ego all get on board and surf it through the energetic seas we swim in. They go out and line it up, we stay here, in the now, feeling good, knowing it is being handled and knowing that our team never fails us. So we start to look for it to happen, and then we are open to inspiration, and through inspiration, we get ideas of things to do, people to talk to, places to go and these start the energy moving in the physical plane that begins to line up the actual experience of what we want.
This is just the tip of the iceberg Amy Scott Grant and I will show you in the upcoming class
You won’t want to miss it, cause it can help you in ANY and ALL areas of your life. Anything you are struggling to achieve, can be realized with more power, ease and joy when you line up with all your strengths and allies and have all the power behind you.
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